Mino Raiola, Manchester United's star agent Paul Pogba, has confirmed that the player's relationship with Jose Mourinho has been repaired. At times this season, it looked like the couple's fragile bond would end if one of them left the club. The situation reached a nadir after the defeat of the United Carabao Cup against Derby in late September. The couple were filmed as they argued in training the day after the match. Mourinho falsely thought that Pogba had uploaded an Instagram video laughing at the loss. It turned out that Pogba had tried during the game to upload the video. Due to the problems with the Wi-Fi at Old Trafford, the material only appeared afterwards. That was the last major blow the pair had taken, and United has since found form, winning four of their last six games, once playing against Chelsea and once losing at home to Juventus.
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Mourinho selected Pogba as the United player to face the press before his dramatic victory against Juventus in Turin on Wednesday. This decision indicated that the pair is in much better conditions than at the end of September.

Pogba's relationship with Mourinho has improved
And Raiola has now confirmed what United fans have suspected – that the duo's relationship is in good shape. "He (Pogba) has improved his relationship with Mourinho," Raiola told the Italian outlet Raisport. "He's more relaxed because he feels important in Manchester, even if Turin stayed in his heart." Read the latest stories from Manchester United here. Help us build a Manchester Derby Day card: where will you support United? You can help us to create a Derby Day map of Manchester. Just enter the first part of your postcode and click on the red button. Your entry will be added to the results – and you will see an interactive map showing the results so far for each Greater Manchester area. The survey will be shown right here. Please wait a few seconds if it has not been loaded yet. When you enter your own club membership, a card will be displayed showing how the votes have been played so far. The final results, however, may change with more fans. We will publish the verdict after the big game on Sunday. ,


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