Paco Alcácer in an interview: "Borussia helped me to be back who I was"

Paco Alcácer in an interview: "Borussia helped me to be back who I was"

In the SZ interview, Dortmund's new striker Paco Alcácer talks about the game against Bayern, his way of playing and why he feels well in the Ruhr area even without a beach and paella.

For Dortmund's new striker, Paco Alcácer, 25, the start for Borussia could not have gone better: Nine goals in eight competitive matches are a brilliant interim result. Now the FC Barcelona player is looking forward to his first outing against Bayern Munich. The top match of the Bundesliga this Saturday (6.30 pm, in the SZ-Liveticker) in Dortmund is "one of the biggest, which one can experience in Europe", as Alcácer in an interview with the South German newspaper (Weekend edition) finds. The striker does not believe that the first defeat of the season in the Champions League against Atlético Madrid could have left its mark. "We also showed in Madrid how we want to play – against an opponent we knew would challenge us."

He is not impressed by his high scoring record. He was "not obsessed with scoring so many goals in such a short time." Instead, he wants to continue playing the team, against the Bayern Dortmund must "as a team to show the characteristics that we have shown so far, if I see that a teammate comes to the gate easier, of course, I continue to play the ball."

No room for Boateng

The tone is conciliatory, but the decision clear: coach Löw deleted defender Jérôme Boateng from the DFB squad. He has on the position "alternatives, just with younger players".

By Sebastian Fischer

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As a footballer, he says, he did not always have it easy. Immediately after his professional debut at the age of 17 for Valencia CF, his father died. "I could have come up with a path that was not right after that." But he continued his career and now knows that he has taken the right path.

After his move from FC Valencia to FC Barcelona, ​​he could not prevail with the Catalans. He played against the reputable competitors like Lionel Messi or Luís Suárez hard to play regularly. This period of his career has been difficult because he knows strikers are defining goals, but he has never regretted his move to Barcelona.

In Dortmund he lives with his daughter and his partner

In Dortmund, he lives with his daughter and his partner and feels comfortable, even if there are still one or two linguistic hurdles. Sporty, the change was worth it. "Borussia helped me to be back to who I was," he says in an interview. His performances in Dortmund have also brought him back to the Spanish national team. There, the "quality of the striker is simply immense," confirms Alcácer.

What he can improve on his own game, what differences he sees between Barça and BVB and how he wants to get along without beach, sun and paella for the time being, Paco Alcácer also tells in the conversation.

Read the complete interview with SZ Plus:

"Work and goals – that's it!"

The striker has presented himself with a furious hit rate at BVB. He talks about his style of play – and why his heart beats for Valencia.

Interview by Javier Cáceres



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