Opening the World Championship of the Chess: Carlsen must make a solution

Opening the World Championship of the Chess: Carlsen must make a solution

London (AP) – At the beginning of the World Chess Championship that Magnus Carlsen defends and his US challenge, Fabiano Caruana, has taken part in drawing. The World Championship of Norway was awarded numerous victory and only agreed after seven hours in the draw.

Caruana opened the game with the double e-soldier striker, and Carlsen responded to surprise the protection of Sicily. The racquet was very well prepared and the site won better after the opening. The age of 27 lost the opportunity to arrange and allow some of the women.

In the weekend game Carlsen had one more loss and tried his opponent to oppose his opponent until the 115th move to errors. But Caruana stood 26 years old and reinforced the draw for the World Cup start.

The second game will take place on Saturday. Carlsen then starts with the white stones. The World Cup is scheduled for twelve games. Who reaches 6.5 points first, the crown of the world champion. If there is a tie, there is a breach. One winner gets one point, in a period that both players get 0.5 points each. The silver prize is one million dollars.

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