Ohio State Vs. Michigan State: Score, Live Updates, Highlights from Buckeyes & # 39; visit to East Lansing

Ohio State Vs. Michigan State: Score, Live Updates, Highlights from Buckeyes & # 39; visit to East Lansing

It was not the referendum on Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins that many expected, but Saturday's 26-6 at Michigan State kept the Buckeyes alive in the hunt for the College Football Playoff.

Haskins threw 227 yards and a touchdown but was never in control of one of the nation's better secondaries. His ability to avoid expensive turnovers allowed player Drue Chrisman to push the Spartans into the top six six times, many of them kicking off near the goal line.

The punting game led twice to Ohio State Points. After supporting the Spartans with their own five in the third quarter, the state of Michigan opted for safety rather than a fourth tee. On a later trip, the Spartans fumbled in their final zone, recovering the Buckeyes for a decisive touchdown.

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Ohio State is now on a collision course with Michigan, which it will play on November 24th. This competition will determine the Big Ten team most likely to qualify for the playoff selection.

Ohio State Vs. Michigan State: earnings, earnings, highlights

(All times ET)

Final: Ohio State 26, Michigan State 6

15:37 clock: This is officially over. Ohio State dominated the second half on the way to a 26-6 victory.

15:31 clock: Landing. Ohio State finishes the game with a rushing result. The Buckeyes have risen by 26-6.

15:22 clock: This looks over. Lewerke throws a catch and gives the buckeyes the ball in about five minutes.

15:17 clock: The Buckeyes fumble when it seems they are about to make another touchdown. Let's see if the state of Michigan can capitalize.

15:03 clock: A field goal in the state of Ohio gives the team of Urban Meyer an advantage of 19: 6.

3 pm.: Michigan State loses another fumble.

14:55 clock: Landing. The state of Michigan grabs the ball into a receiver moving in its own end zone, and the state of Ohio leaps onto the ball. The Buckeyes are now leading 16: 6.

Third Quarter: Ohio State 9, Michigan State 6

14:47 clock: End of the third quarter.

14:44 clock: Um, what? The state of Michigan has only voluntarily achieved security rather than thrusting out of its own endzone. I have never seen this before.

14:28 clock: Field Goal The state of Michigan reduces its deficit to one, although the Spartans could take the lead if their touchdown were not eliminated by a penalty. Ohio State is 7-6.

14:22 clock: Impressive. Michigan State wiped a bad receiver downfield touchdown.

14:21 clock: Finally a big game for the Spartans! She has a 47-yard run in the shop.

14.07 clock: Michigan State is forcing a stop to start the second half, but the Spartans are now secured deep in their own territory.

Second Quarter: Ohio State 7, Michigan State 3

13:35: Matt Coghlin (Michigan Catson) beats a 44-yard field goal, 30 seconds from the end. After almost two-quarters of goalless football, both teams are now on the board.

13:14: I needed it long enough. Dwayne Haskins breaks the scoreless draw with a 1-yard touchdown pass to Parris Campbell, with 1:29 remaining in half. It's 7-0, Ohio State.

12:51 pm: Not good! Michigan State can not convert a 51-yard field trial. This one is scoreless.

First Quarter: Ohio State 0, Michigan State 0

12:48 pm: End of the first quarter.

12:44 clock: Michigan State enters the territory of Ohio! Can the Spartans score the first score in the game?

12:43 clock: There were six punts and only three first downs between these teams.

12:34 pm: We are in the middle of the first quarter and this is still a defensive duel. No team could move the ball.

12:22 pm: A terrible blow from Ohio State means the Spartans will start their second possession near midfield.

12:16 pm: Now Michigan State is punting. It was a positive start for the defense of the state of Ohio.

12:10 pm: The Spartans are trying to rank 4 in their own territory, and they barely get it. The Buckeyes thought they had stopped.

12:07 clock: Kicking off. Michigan State gets the ball first.


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