Nobody sleeps today!

Nobody sleeps today!

Hundreds of words filled the television programs, thousands of letters adorned the pages of newspapers, millions of characters flooded social networks, and everything led to here. From 17, when the ball begins to roll on the lawn of the Bombonera, the longest and most distressing anteroom in the history of Argentine football ends: Boca and River, River and Boca, open the first chapter of its historic end of Copa Libertadores and the entire world will be watching what happens. Early morning vigil and promises, in which to sleep will be an odyssey for the eternal rivals. Olé joins the countdown with a previous insomnia test.Mira also: The emotional video of BocaMirá also: "Together we are bigger" Gallardo has a doubt, Guillermo no The teams were trained for the last time this Friday and, while in Boca the team is confirmed, in River still the unknowns remain. Guillermo Barros Schelotto ended up opting for Wanchope Abila for the role of front center, despite the tremendous moment of Benedetto. For his part, Gallardo will define at the last moment the formula to replace Ponzio, suspended. Nacho Fernandez, Zuculini or Quintero? Look also: The eleven are these training Boca.Mirá also: A doubt and one almost outFormation River.Key and various incarnations in the chapelIn addition to Ponzio, captain and referent, River will not have the presence of Marcelo Gallardo , sanctioned for having gone down to the locker room in Porto Alegre and will not even be able to enter the Bombonera. His place will be occupied by Matías Biscay, his right hand, and the Muñeco will follow him from the concentration of the Monumental. And Nacho Scocco could also stay out of the bank due to injury. On the other hand, there are several players who play at the yellow limit and should be careful not to miss the definition in Núñez. Maidana, Pinola, Enzo Pérez, Pity Martínez, Pratto and Borré on one side; Pablo Pérez, Pavón, Nández and Olaza on the other side. Also see: The Boca scorers in the year Biscay will replace Gallardo in the bench. See also: River and the goals from the middle of the court. See also: La pilcha for the first grand final The judge and the Chilean VAREl Roberto Tobar Vargas will be in charge of imparting justice in the Bombonera. This year he pitched nine games between Libertadores and Sudamericana, with an average of 4.8 yellow cards and one expulsion. However, the attention will also be placed on what happens with the VAR, so controversial on this side of the pond, that on Friday afternoon it polished the last details in Brandsen 805. It will also look like: They tested the VAR
                    Test the VAR for the final leg of the Libertadores
            See also: The chicane between D'Onofrio and AngeliciTechnical duelingGuillermo and Gallardo fought seven times in an official manner, with a balance of three wins for River, two from Boca and two draws. The particularity of these duels is that neither could be imposed on the other when he played at home. This year they saw the faces twice and in both triumphs the Millo: for the Supercopa Argentina in San Juan and in the Bombonera for the Superliga. They were identical result and scorers: 2-0 by Pity Martinez and Scocco. See also: Ways for Gallardo to be in La Boca The technicians of Boca and River, Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Marcelo Gallardo, with the Libertadores.Mirá also: Enjoy this special with the hand in handEl climaSi well the week started a black prognosis, with As the days passed, the rain went ahead and, according to the National Meteorological Service, there will be no rain at the time of the final. However, heavy showers are expected during the early hours of the morning and morning, something that can affect the playing field. The minimum for Saturday will be 21 degrees and the maximum of 24. Look also: "We break your ass"
                    The emotional video of River before the great final
                    The Millionaire published a spot before the game with Boca.

            Look also: Enough of mangazos … La BombollenaLa Boca court will burst. The demand for tickets exceeded everything known and the leaders themselves had to go out and clarify that they did not have any more tickets. As there was no filter, several xeneizes remained angry, but, as Angelici explained, not even two Bomboneras reached to conform to all. So much so that, in the resale, there were orders of $ 25,000! for a box for eight people. On the other hand, there will be 858 accredited journalists from all corners of the planet. On the other hand, the fans of River will dismiss to the establishment with a banderazo from the 12 in the Monumental.It also will see: The Bombonera is ready FILE – 20 November 2014, Argentina, Buenos Aires: Fans of Boca Juniors during a party that faced its equipment with River Plate. On the occasion of the superclassics that will define the Copa Libertadores 2018, dpa offers a short summary to know the idiosyncrasy of Boca Juniors fans, which is impossible to understand without knowing the existence of River Plate.
(Linked to the text of dpa "The superclásico of the century: X-ray of the 'bostero'" of 11/09/2018) Photo: Leo La Valle / Zuma Press / dpa +++ dpa-fotografia +++ See also: They do not want ghosts
                    Tomorrow plays half +1
            See also: Historical record for the BomboneraThe pending world Not only the Argentines scattered around the world nor the former players of River and Boca will be watching the epic confrontation: Marca, Spain's main newspaper, brought the final to its top this Saturday. In addition, changing the schedule and playing on a non-work day will allow the clash to continue on all continents. In Europe, according to the country, it will be between 20 and 23, while in Asia it will be already in the early hours of Sunday. See also: At what time is the Boca-River played in the world? Look also: The world, expectantLook also: The preview in the newspapers of the worldThe cover of Mark this Saturday.

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