Niko Kovac at Bayern: "I do not want to be stupid"

Niko Kovac at Bayern: "I do not want to be stupid"

The mood of Niko Kovac is always well measured by how much wisdom he gives to humanity. When Kovac is in a bad mood, and even he does, who likes to laugh and wink, sometimes he gives answers to questions that are scarcely learnable. But if he's in a good mood, Kovac will enlighten all the ignorant about a few secrets of life, and it's not all about football. When he is in a good mood, he rather manages. On Friday afternoon Niko Kovac was in an excellent mood.

Thus, the coach of FC Bayern has told how he fared in recent weeks, in which he was with the team in the worst crisis of the club in recent times. After two wins, surprisingly little is to be felt from this crisis on the Säbener road again, although it is not completely certain that it has actually been over.

"Otherwise this is no longer my FC Bayern"

Uli Hoeneß could always count on the members of FC Bayern. But the president is "shocked" at how funny his family business is at the moment.By Christof Kneer

In any case, Kovac has emerged stronger from these weeks, he has heard public pledges from President Uli Hoeneß and club boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, and the match this Saturday afternoon against 1. FC Nürnberg is indeed one for which the coach has not been given an ultimatum ,

Therefore, a well-tempered Kovac. And so: a Kovac who shares his wisdom.

"Not in every bad," he said on Friday afternoon, "there is always something bad in it"; it was, even he shared that, even in some bad things "something good" in it. That was the first wisdom. The second: "A man, if he is willing, learns until he dies." And so the coach has found something good in the recent crisis. He said, "I would be stupid if I did not take anything from it," followed by a brief art break. "I do not want to be stupid."

There is something good for Boateng in the crisis

For example, the coach has taken the lead that his team is less susceptible to counterattacking if they place two players in front of the defense on the so-called double six. He also took with him that the rotation, as he had practiced, did not work. Therefore, on Friday he announced that he does not want to change so much anymore (after a few weeks ago he remained in indestructible loyalty to his bonds). "I said, okay, the rotation will take place, but only if one is injured or if someone is really down."

In the recent crisis, there is something good for center-back Jérôme Boateng, who has been unhappy in recent congresses. He may still feel like a regular player. However, this also means that in the recent crisis, little good for Mats Hummels. The center-back was last on no goal the main culprit, but that is partly because he was sick and sitting on the bench. And there he will continue to sit.

In addition, Kovac has taken from the crisis, that it helps the team and him too, if he does not always smile and wink with his eyes. His speeches, he says, have become "clearer and clearer". And since he does not want to be stupid, Kovac will not change that at first.

One of the best investments of FC Bayern

After ten years full of ups and downs, Arjen Robben will leave Munich in the summer. An appreciation in five chapters.

By Benedikt Warmbrunn



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