Ligue 1 – Lille

Losing "frank opportunities" against Strasbourg (0-0) Friday night, Nicolas Pepe is still positive.

Nicolas Pépé (director of Lille): "It's a drag (0-0) anyway, we're getting in touch. This team in Strasbourg was good in the top, we found it fits well, but it was so A good time to translate a bit more, make a few more calls. This little goal should be set up which would happen everything. The strength and space behind the defenses is our Strength, Strasbourg quickly realized and it was really low. It was a problem for us. I had loyal opportunities that I should be framed at least. Today, it's not just back tomorrow, working, returning. frustrating, but it's up to us to work to find the loophole. "

"It was not our night"

José Fonte (Lille defender) said: "We did well, we were a patient, we did everything, but we did not score. His guardian (Sels) made two, through good mediation. We had a good game but it was not ours, night. We can do better with the ball, but the performance was very good, we were focused and intensified. "
Christophe Galtier: "Thierry Laurey Successful"


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