Eric Di Meco (55), now RMC Sport consultant, points the flaws of the Parisian collective, while the meeting in Naples Tuesday evening (21 hours) could, in case of defeat, seal the fate of the club of the capital in the League of champions this season. But the former Marseillais does not condemn in advance the PSG so far and expects a Neymar finally decisive in this competition.

Is PSG in danger in Naples?

ERIC DI MECO. Yes. We knew that this group was tight, but maybe not at this point. Personally, I did not see Naples at this level, especially after the departure of Sarri (Note: the former coach replaced by Ancelotti this summer). The first leg of the Neapolitans impressed me. They are in favorable tie, with two home games on the return phase. But against Paris, you are forced to be afraid, especially with their offensive potential. Paris can tremble, but Naples too. Because the goal of Di Maria makes the impossible possible.

What's wrong with Paris during these big games?

I remember a big game in Chelsea in the knockout rounds after the expulsion of Zlatan Ibrahimovic (2-2, March 11, 2015). For me, this is the only game where I saw them put what it takes to be able to go to the end in this competition. Because as soon as they are in pain, one has the impression that there is no respondent. It's recurrent, and I feel they have not made progress in this area.

That is to say ?

When the team is in pain, there is no physical respondent, tactical discipline, or simply solidarity. In this collective, two or three players are missing in the fight. Thiago Motta, who was able to set foot when it turned sour, is no longer there. God knows I like Thiago Silva, a huge player, but he still misses a Sergio Ramos in defense or a Arturo Vidal in midfield. Verratti and Rabiot are great players with the ball, but when it gets hard, they disappear.

The 3-4-3 inaugurated by Tuchel can it be a solution to these shortcomings?

I do not believe. I like what Tuchel does, to try out several systems, and different players in these systems. This is part of the luggage of a football player. After that, we will have to release a preferred system that corresponds to the players. They will be more armed, especially in conquest. But the problem of Paris, it is above all that its players lack of respondent. They are like that.

VIDEO. Paris on a volcano

Should Paris press high and fetch the Neapolitans?

Why not ? But the high pressing, it can not be decreed. It's a lot of work in training, it's a collective will. Liverpool or Barca is in the DNA of their team. This is less the case in Paris. They have never been seen doing this except against Belgrade. But it's Belgrade …

Does Ligue 1 prepare Paris for these big games?

No. No opponent poses a tactical problem to PSG. You even have the impression that if Paris played all season at 10, they would still be champions.

Are you disappointed by Neymar in the Champions League?

I have trouble judging him. I like his repositioning, I find it more influential. And these two games against Liverpool and Naples are not to throw. But we expect him to do a "Messi" or a "Ronaldo", that is to say, it unblocks the situation when it is tight. Paris took it for that, and that he has not done yet.

Can Paris play with four offensive players?

If Di Maria comes to work defensively in the heart of the game, as he did at Real, and if Neymar and Mbappé are back in the halls, it is possible. Manchester City even plays with five offensive players. Sometimes they pass through, but when the machine starts, it's complicated for their opponents.


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