This is the number that worries Thomas Tuchel, and partly explains the third place of the PSG and its five small points in the Champions League. After four days of competition, the club has already conceded seven goals, nearly two per game. It's too much and it must stop under penalty of not spending the winter.

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"We did not have the courage to close the spaces higher, and we defended too low," lamented the German coach when he debriefed the game. "We kept a block too low while the coach asked us to continue to exercise a high laundry", lambasted Thomas Meunier.

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Did they both aim for Thiago Silva, already pointed in the past to tend to back down when the pressure is stronger? In any case, the Paris captain, author of the mistake that brings the equalizer, was again the marker of a defense that took two steps back after the break.

"By opting for a three-center defense, Tuchel brought an early response"

On the antenna of France Bleu 107.1 where he analyzed the meeting, Eric Rabesandratana was moved by the score of 3/10 that we attributed to the Brazilian defender. "Thiago Silva is responsible for the equalizer because he makes a technical mistake, but he is author of a serious performance, says the former Paris captain. The problem of the PSG is that apart from the defenders, the others do not know how to defend too much. Paris does not have the discipline for that. There is a lot of tactical rigor that Tuchel is trying to put in place. PSG is not natural. "

Elie Baup does not wish to overwhelm the captain of the PSG anymore. "There is also what is happening in front of him. If Verratti and Draxler recede, if Neymar and Di Maria exert less pressure in their area, it is necessary to have the courage to go up, leaving a space in his back and with a guard who remains a lot on the line, advance the consultant of beIN Sports. For me, by opting for a three-center defense, Tuchel brought a satisfactory response to the number of goals conceded. This system compensates for the absence of a sentry because it protects the axis. Moreover, Paris took only two goals in three halves (against five in five halves with the defense to four). Now, there are improvements to be made. It is necessary that one of the three central defenders more out on the game inside the adverse environments. "

Paris and Thiago Silva still have work. And little time to gain in defensive efficiency.


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