Naples - PSG: the 2000 Parisian fans welcomed in a good atmosphere

Naples - PSG: the 2000 Parisian fans welcomed in a good atmosphere

The 2,000 supporters of PSG who will be present at the stadium San Paolo this Tuesday night for the decisive meeting of the Champions League against Naples (21 hours) have been able to enjoy their stay. The authorities had put in place rather strict security measures, fearing a bad reception of part of the public of Naples. It is not so at this hour.

Parisians collected their tickets drop by drop all day at the city's port, with a reinforced security device. Since 16 hours, shuttles make the trip to the stadium. PSG and the authorities were reassured about the intentions of the supporters of the Curva A of Naples, who gave guarantees as to the good reception of the French fans, while incidents had broken out with those of Liverpool.

The Curva B, a long-time friend with the K-Soce Team and some other groups of the Collectif ultras Paris, has meanwhile received its Parisian guests with the same respect as those set up a fortnight ago in the French capital. Monday evening, French and Italians posed together in front of the giant fresco of Maradona.

In the calm, fans of PSG were able to recover their ticket for the shock of Tuesday night. LP / Y.L.

This Tuesday, the ultra Parisians are spent getting their tickets early in the day at the port, before meeting with their counterparts. A few hours before the match, more than 200 of them were gathered in the very popular area of ​​Rione Traiano, not far from the stadium. The CUP obtained permission to go to the stadium by its own means, unlike the rest of the visitors park crowd.

Neapolitan fervor

In this very friendly atmosphere, most Paris fans have violated the instructions of the club, which asked them not to leave the port area for security reasons. All day, we met Parisian jerseys in the streets of the Centro Storico, a World Heritage Site. They were able to discover the Neapolitan fervor, whatever the faith: religious, with pious images in great numbers, or football, according to relics of all kinds with the effigy of Maradona or Napoli. At the end of a street, we even met a guitarist who sang "I know Kylian Mbappé". The fans then returned to the port and special buses, following the instructions of the PSG.

Slight tension

50 to 80 Karsud, a former group of Collectif ultras Paris, arrived in the middle of the afternoon in the bay were installed in the city center under a strong police presence, around 17 hours.

An hour later, the Parisian ultra and thirty representatives of the Curve A faced each other quickly. But the police intervened and the Parisians returned to their buses.

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