Naples - PSG: Paris always has the right to believe it

Naples - PSG: Paris always has the right to believe it

Paris is still breathing. His draw in Naples (1-1), which had become a port of anxiety before the meeting, does not offer him yet a frank option for the knockout stages. But he keeps alive a Parisian formation, always third in his group, but who can still dream of pole position on December 11, the date of his last trip to Belgrade.

The players of the Red Star have also supported the plans Parisian beating to the surprise of the Reds completely off topic (2-0). Fifteen days after his miraculous home draw against Napoli (2-2), Paris has developed a negative San Paolo delivery of the Parc des Princes.

Thiago Silva's partners had to live a hell, walk on embers and be carried away by the breath of a volcano. There was a little bit of it when the locker room came back when the Neapolitan rebellion was over. But this was not really the case throughout a first act perfectly mastered by the men of Thomas Tuchel.

The best 1st half of Neymar with PSG in C1

The PSG was simply entitled to some sparks of a Neapolitan training poor face the implacable Parisian organization. All that had gone wrong at the Park worked for a half time. Aggressiveness, bloc-team, balance, Paris in configuration Lille – Tuchel had decided to do without Cavani and Draxler again – evolved at a very high level in the wake of an elusive Neymar. The Brazilian has certainly played there his best first forty-five minutes in the Champions League with Paris.

And if the light is once again come from Mbappé and Bernat for his first goal with PSG, it is the former Barcelona who plugged the taking a delicious opening. But the beautiful Parisian building quickly disintegrated when the wind began to blow strong and face. All his deficiencies have resurfaced, and, like an air of déjà-vu, in these moments of difficulty, the first fault is named Thiago Silva author of an enormous blunder.

Fortunately, Paris can count on Gianluigi Buffon. After three games of suspension, the Italian goalkeeper has proved he can assure and reassure in the worst storms. This does not condemn Areola. But if Tuchel intends to favor a goalkeeper in the future, the former Juventus has certainly scored a few points.

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