Naples - PSG: "Decibel" Bellini, the crazy speaker of Napoli

Naples - PSG: "Decibel" Bellini, the crazy speaker of Napoli

Daniele "Decibel" Bellini has become a legend in international football, as a player? Coach? Breeder? None of this, he is the speaker of SSC Napoli. Small peculiarity, it scades the name of the scorers as many times as the number that carries the player. He notably became famous in 2013 by chanting the name of Gonzalo Higuain nine times.

Behind this veritable vocal show that galvanizes the Neapolitan public, an unusual story. Indeed, Bellini has become a speaker by chance, he is a training radio host and DJ by passion. It was when one of his colleagues found himself unable to get to the stadium that he replaced him at short notice. The public fell in love with him.

He officiates for free

Fan of the team since his childhood, it is impossible for him to imagine elsewhere than at the Neapolitan stadium. He even confided, in an interview conducted by Sofoot, that he officiates for free, the passion of sport and the public outweighing the financial attraction.

PSG plays Tuesday night its survival in the Champions League against a team of Naples determined to defend its colors at home. Parisian players must be ready to face a public boiling, heated by a white speaker crazy.

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