MPG and yellow vests, the crisis also affects the virtual foot

MPG and yellow vests, the crisis also affects the virtual foot

Life in fantasy – 20 Minutes editing

  • The rallies of the "yellow vests" Saturday everywhere in France have pushed the French authorities to cancel most of the matches of Ligue 1 of the weekend, in order to have at its disposal the most law enforcement possible on the ground.
  • These cascading cancellations have created a mini-earthquake in the world of addicts to the game "My Little Lawn", anxious not to lose their match against their friends or colleagues office.
  • Between the supporters of "we cancel the day mpg" and those who want to play at all costs, the debate is raging. Explanations.

"It's a little this moment when the virtual has taken precedence over the real". Martin Jaglin, one of the creators of the ultra-popular fantasy league
My Little Grass (mpg for the intimate), does not understand too much what happens to him. Since the prefects ask one by one the cancellation of the Ligue 1 games because of the protests of "yellow vests" expected this weekend, the chaos is total in the large community of players (300 to 400,000 people, anyway) . Let's be clear: everyone really does not care that Lyon-Toulouse is postponed. The problem is that it could distort your championship "mpg".

Quick review of rules for the uninitiated at fantasy leagues. Each week, your team virtually faces that of a colleague / friend / lover and relies on the "real" performances to make the score. Clearly, if I have Nolan Roux in my team and that he plants two goals with Guingamp in real life, and well I scored two virtual goals. The players are all rated and each note can weigh in the balance. We come to the point:

"How do we make our virtual games if half of the actual matches are canceled? "

Since the start of the game postponement announcements, the situation has become untenable between those who want the day "mpg" to be maintained and those who want it to be canceled. On the social networks of the game, it's a real civil war.

Here are some examples :

Burning debates on MPG
Flaming debates on MPG – Screenshot

WhatsApp loops panic, The Team gets out its "survival guide" for truncated day, # Pasdejournéempg thus becomes a trending topic on Twitter Thursday. "At first, as the games were canceled, we stayed right in our boots: we keep the day, says Martin Jaglin. And then we started receiving messages on Facebook, Twitter, SMS and even personal calls. It has become intrusive and aggressive. "

Everyone defends his parish, and everyone plays big. Whoever writes his lines, for example, must beat his legendary rival to snatch the title on the last day. How to do when 80% of his will not play? I chose to sell at the last minute all my best club players whose games are canceled to buy the waves on holders maintained matches and hope for a miracle, like a goal of Benjamin Jeannot. If the day "mpg" is canceled, I will have dropped all my best players for a bite of bread, panic-buy end of transfer window, and I will be naked next weekend.


In short, it's the crisis. "The consequence is that each team, he has two or three blocks of Guingamp and Dijon. So we can already come forward and say that there will be a lot of draws or 0-0, prophesies Momo, fan of the game and author of the majestic commentary that you read above. I'm a supporter of Losc but when I saw the cancellation of the matches, I obviously first thought of "mpg". More important than the price of fuel, there is "mpg" damn! ".

He decided "to do nothing" in relation to his team: "I did not want to sell my good players to buy painters in interim". He visibly did well. Under popular pressure, the "mpg" authorities have cracked. Friday morning, a "referendum" was launched on Facebook and Twitter with a simple question: for or against the cancellation of the day "mpg". In two hours, more than 50,000 votes. "We wondered when we change the rules, says Martin Jaglin. The thing that has tipped is the cancellation of the match of Nimes-Nantes, Thursday night, which makes the bar of canceled games above 50%. It's a game that belongs to her community so she decides. "

Shortly after 14h, the chopper of the vote fell: day canceled. "To decide, we chose democracy because it is the least bad solutions, as Churchill said," concludes Martin Jaglin. For once, I like Churchill, but me it means me.

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