MLB trading rumors: Cubs open to trading with Kris Bryant; Theo Epstein says there are no "untouchables"

MLB trading rumors: Cubs open to trading with Kris Bryant; Theo Epstein says there are no "untouchables"

Third baseman and occasional left fielder Kris Bryant is in his 27-year season. In the main subjects of four seasons he has set an OPS + of 137 with 107 home runs, an MVP award and 21.6 WAR. He is only entitled to a free agency after the 2021 season.

If you are the boys, that does not seem to be the type of player you trade with. Yes, Bryant has had a bad year with his high standards – 272 / .374 / .460 in 102 games – and struggled with serious problems with his left shoulder. Nevertheless, he would make an important contribution to a team that could win the World Series.

Here is a surprising note from Buster Olney of ESPN:

But it's possible that the Cubs might even trade him this winter. As part of their early off-season discussions, the Cubs say other Cots are prepared to discuss trade proposals for almost all the players in their squad, including Bryant, who had beaten 272 in 1328 with 13 homers in 2018 games.

A deal with Bryant would of course be a shocking turnaround in Chicago. As Olney notes, baseball team president Theo Epstein recently said the team had "never worked with untouchables," which obviously means that Bryant trading is theoretically possible. Of course, it is worth taking the whole quote into account:

"[V]practically impossible, "would be another key to take away from the comments of Epstein.

However, for reasons of argument, it is worth noting that Bryant and the Cubs have never really approached an expansion, and there could be some discounts going back to their rookie season until they secured an additional year of control. Even the Cubs – despite big revenues and designs at a championship – may be concerned with budget constraints from the property, This means they may need to get creative to fix service holes. Maybe it'll take a deal with Bryant to make it happen.

The smart money would of course be against Bryant, who is in a different season than a Cubs uniform to start the 2019 season, but perhaps the alternative is worth at least a consideration. Unless otherwise, the Cubs consider this winter a definite team.

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