Mishin explained how Tuktamysheva should have an understanding of Miyaharu

Mishin explained how Tuktamysheva should have an understanding of Miyaharu

MOSCOW, November 10 – Rosti Novosti, Anatoly Samokhvalov. Russian figure skater, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, caused a rotation error, costing his money at a Grand Prix in Japan, said athlete Alexei Mishin to Rosti Novosti.
Tuktamysheva took third place in the NHK Trophy in Hiroshima competition, reaching 219.02 points, losing a little for the second Japanese Satoko Miyahara (219.47). Another representative from Japan, Rika Kihira (224.31) took the first place.
"The minimal task was resolved," Mishin said on the phone. "As for the maximum, you should have half the turn on the top with the leg leg behind. If Liza did this, it would be the second and he would be a leader of the team Japanese (Miyaharu) is worth it. "
The mediator told the agency his opinion on the modern rules to evaluate estimates. "They require an assessment of the height of the jump. If you compare Lisa and his rival (Miyahara) slides, it should get one or even two more points," said the expert, referring to the motives a relatively low skater of Japanese figures. to give them the same bonuses? Therefore, she (Miyahara) should have at least 7 points for the equipment. And there are no components saved here. "
A modern approach requires a complex approach to the jump elements. This is an innocent impression. When it was held (the American Olympic Champion in 1988) Brian Boitano came to Lutz, going through the full cork, now they say: a simple approach. But when are the mouhoks? , – follow the trainer from St Petersburg. – Do you know where the steps (a difficult approach) came to the Lutz? People could not jump from a clean arcade back to the outside.

Difficult steps think poor jump quality

"It's the whole chick of lutz, which is to say that a man goes and suddenly starts spinning in the air," observed by the expert. "If you continue to talk about visits, skaters skip a figure, such as skaters, with a lack of badness, starting to make it a ship. This is done to hide the low quality of the attachment. And all of these routes The athlete helps to make a small jump, must and must be smart. "
"In setting up (before the jump), there is also an artistic value," Mishin insisted. "The quality of the approaches is the solution of the solution. It happens that a sketcher makes a smart boat and a short triple chic behind it, but in some cases people talk about this standard jump."

Exception – Tutberidze figure skaters

The coach does not intend the meaning of the steps before jumping. "Therefore, it is wrong to consider the veiled approaches to jumping to be technical skills, because most skaters reduce the speed before the jump and thus make the weight of the jump jump .
"Those who can not show the power of the jump, they do fetish steps before jumping. But the jumps are not as bright as Boitano, for example," – concluded the expert.

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