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The year 2018 does not stand directly at the high level of athletics of the Mesut Özil. After the World Cup crash and the national team threatens the end at London Arsenal's subsequent retirement. For one reason that could be behind, adventurous sounds. You can find football news here. Enriching what you can say, for Mesut Özil has been many years better than the one that created three events: it adds a photo with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, pre-lost at World Cup, resignation from the national team of German. Özil Özil is now named Özil no moreAs "coronation" Özil at the Arsenal of London on the siding. His colleague left Unai Emery to his former captain three times a row when he named the squad.
In the current season, Özil comes to twelve in Premier League and Europa League, scoring four goals, gave him a template. Zuletzt Özil defeated the squad on November 25, 2018 in Bournemouth. At that time, the old Real Madrid asked the bench for 90 minutes and failed to make a contribution to the 2-1 win. Unai Emery was a Hurry when he recently had a question about Özil. The arsenal did not feel answering questions about the player. "He has a backup," said Emery only after a strong 4-2 team victory against Tottenham Hotspur last Sunday, when the old international German was absent from the Arsenal squad.
Although Özil is experiencing problems back, it is not seen in the run list of injured players on the home page. Gunners auf.Wann got the pain back? "I do not know," says Emery. Do Özil follow the game in the stadium? – "I do not know." But they now know: There was Özil in 2: 2 against Manchester United on Wednesday in coach plans without a role. "Fortnite should" be guilty The emission of the problems mentioned by Emery is spreading an absurd rumor. Excessive gaming of the game console aims to interfere with Özil's ability to use the problems back and the problems have caused it to be returned. Arsenal Arcadier, who calls on "Le Grove" himself, has put on Twitter a superb game game record for the "Fortnite" game cracker, which Özil is a big fan, This passion spreads this passion with millions of gamers on in the world.

"Fortnite" balance requires Özil respect The balance sheets of the players are available in public. Those who refer to your Özil account indicate that there were 5,221 committees at the former Schalke. This number should be cautioned, because the Özil friends' borders have made use of their "Fortnite" access through the game console. The game of the game builds a cult, which created a huge hype around the world, an average of 20 minutes. In this regard, Özil "Fortnite" may be spent for 104,420 minutes, 1,740 hours or 72 days. Özil back pain, he says now, would lead to a long sitting before the game console. At least this theoretical doubt has confirmed the sports scientist. Ingo Froböse on demand from the "Bild" newspaper: "The competitive athlete of the consequences of moments of inactivity considers much faster than an athlete, because the physical structures are very specific and training."
Özil sooner in Syria? The rich, rich "Fortnite" brilliant media is considered safe in early Italy. According to the table "The Sun" Inter Milan shows an interest in Özil, who extended his contract in London at the beginning of the year until June 2021. "If you look at the spirit of the team against the Spurs, then they can go forward without it, "wrote the newspaper. However, winter did not change as a matter. The presenter ITV and celebrity Arsenal fans Piers Morgan complained that Özil had more sick leave than anyone else in the history of sick leave. "But in the light of Emery's up-to-date answers, the Özil skeptics affirmed his dissertation that his The victory against Tottenham Özil, he still congratulated his colleague on Twitter. "What is the performance of the young people (players) today," he wrote, " the false future. "If Özil plays a role in this future, it is completely open at present.

It runs at Mesut Özil and Arsenal. Just three months after his terrible event from the national football team, the 30-year-old was not only the first-time club from London in the Premier League in English with a 3-1 (1-1) victory in Leicester City .

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