Óscar Melendo, headmaster of Sánchez Pizjuán last Sunday, appeared in the press room of the Ciutat Esportiva Dani Jarque to explain their sensations at this season's start. "We have a bittersweet sensation. We were not the same in the second part as in the first. We needed to go for the 0-2. Even so, we had opportunities and we did not sentence. This is football, if forgiveness can be overcome, "he pointed out about the defeat in Seville. In that game, the VAR took a decisive role. Melendo, however, prefers "not to say". "For me, it's a criminal because Mercado hits Sergio García. What I do not understand is that a play like this is not reviewed, but I'm clear that sometimes you can favor it, but it can also hurt you. "

The young midfielder has valued positively that the League is being "very competitive and even". "It's hard for rivals to win away from home. In our case, we have often had the opportunity to make the 0-2 and we have ended up tying. " Melendo, in spite of everything, defends that despite the defeats at home, they have left with good sensations: "The teacher teaches us to play with our style everywhere and to capture the idea we have. We have made great matches against great rivals and in great stages. "

Melendo also referred to the functions he had to develop in Seville: "I was about Banega. In attack, it was about starting counterattacks and making quick drives. I would like to continue to have these minutes. My philosophy is to work and give the maximum always. "


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