Matthäus wants more Mexicans in the Bundesliga

Matthäus wants more Mexicans in the Bundesliga

FRANKFURT – Lotthar Matthäus, historical former German player who was World Champion, praised the Mexican footballer and considered that several of them could be in the Bundesliga. If you want to receive the best information from the sports world, download the App now. »
"Any Mexican player could be in the Bundesliga. Of course they have great quality, I'm a fan of Mexican football, not only football but also the country and its mentality for its people who are very positive, they like football a lot. "Not everyone can play at Bayern (Munich), but we have another 17 clubs. We have a league more competitive than the Mexican one, maybe some club is interested in bringing some more Mexican, they are welcome, we already had a great experience with Chicharito in Leverkusen; I know he's an idol, that kind of players do our tournament very well, "Matthäus told the international press in Frankfurt, Germany, after a conviviality. On the other hand, Matthäus praised Rafael Márquez, who played in Russia his fifth World Cup and he equaled him and Antonio 'La Tota' Carbajal in assists to the maximum just. "Not only is the quality of the player, because it is the team you have around to qualify five times to the World Cup. Mexico did it and Germany also; It's a pity that we're not just two left (laughs). "Mexico has many players who want and can play there, but their quality kept it. He worked hard to play his last World Cup, "he concluded.

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