Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is tired of spending time on the lawn. He was released 36 times this season. This season he was led 92 times in the league. So Ryan does not prefer to live his life.

Of course, when the Falcons prepare for the Packers on Sunday, Ryan will look back and wonder what 2018 could have been.

"We have to do better as a player than before. We need to build some drives, we need to get into some drives so we can defend ourselves somehow … We all need to lose weight and perform a little better. You know, do the job we're supposed to do better … we all have to play better; our record certainly shows that. "

Ryan is mature enough to realize what he has to say and how to say it now. It is not appropriate to blame the offending coordinator or anyone else at this point. Frosting is meaningless. Just say it as it is and make sure everyone takes some responsibility.

I appreciate Ryan's honest assessment of the crime. If anything, this season will serve as an example of how not to play, how not to perform it. Although Ryan is the leader of this crime, he can not do it alone, and this is the gentlest way he can say that.

Her thoughts?


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