Martin Fourcade, champion of the year, tells his incredible season

Martin Fourcade, champion of the year, tells his incredible season

Triple gold medalist at the Winter Games in Pyeongchang (South Korea), winner of the World Cup overall, Martin Fourcade will have marked the sports year in 2018. He receives the RMC Sport Awards, a prize awarded jointly by RMC, RMC Sport, BFM, Le Parisien and Today in France.

2018, Olympic year

"Surprisingly, I did not expect anything from these games. I have too much experience to know that we are often disappointed. A champion is ambitious and dreams of going back to the Olympics with 6 gold medals, but it rarely happens the way you want. These Olympics were extremely strong. My role as flag-bearer, my disappointment, still today, on the sprint (8th) when I was more ready than ever, a magnificent pursuit, a collective emotion thanks to the relay that I had lived and a mass epic start (Editor's note: he was ahead of Germany's Simon Schempp by 0.018 seconds).

If I had to remember just one race, it would be this one. Not because it is the prettiest, the individual was more technically culminated, but because it is a model of uncertainties. It is often said that biathlon, everything can rock to the end, this mass start is the image that I want to return from my sport. By 2018, I had targeted the Olympics and yet the World Cup season is the one that made me live the most emotions I had more adversity, with Johannes Boe. The tension was huge, it was a fight every moment, we sent the ball on each race. In the evening of the World Cup finals, my pride was immense, even more than in previous years. We showed beautiful pictures. I spent the first five years at the World Cup fighting for biathlon to have the place I felt it deserved, I'm happy to see it is publicized today. "

2018, year of commitment

«In a Club France lane in Pyeongchang, just after my first gold medal, Tony Estanguet (Editor's note: patron of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games of 2024) stop me. We are in the excitement of this Olympic title, he proposes to be president of the Athletes' Commission, asks me to think. I accept immediately, I wanted to engage in this project that I supported from the beginning.

I also made my voice heard so that Winter Games medalists' bonuses are not taxable, as it was the case after Rio in 2016. The athletes had given me their trust when I was designated gate it was inconceivable not to fight this fight for them. Of course, I was not the one for whom it would have had the most impact, but there are athletes for whom everyday life is not easy. This fight, I led with Marie Bochet (Note: flag bearer at the Paralympic Games). We had to climb the niche for others.

The commitment is also this wish to continue two years. In fact, at no time did I think of stopping. I took the time to reflect, I spoke with my girlfriend. These are delicate moments in a career. The decision to stop is probably difficult to take, the day you say stop is ten years, fifteen years of your life that ends. I did not ask myself the question because at no time did I feel weary. Of course it's not as easy as before, but I still want to. "

2018, year of the family

"After the Games, despite the requests, the place of my family is always important. I even try to pay more attention to her. At home, I have two little girls (Inès, 3 years old and Manon, 20 months old) who are waiting for me. I have less scruples to refuse solicitations and invitations. If I give time, these are moments I take away from them.

Last year, at the time of the holidays, I had imposed on my companion a stay in Prémanon (Jura) to put all the chances on my side for the Games. This time, we will celebrate Christmas in his family, in the Pyrenees. I will be present every day, every night with my children, I will spend time with them. I am not in favor of lying to my daughters about the existence of Santa, it is a point of disagreement with my companion (Laughter). It's a little lie, but I'd rather tell my daughters right now that Santa Claus does not exist. For now I still take on me, the eldest is only 3 years old! "

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