Marco Reus: The Bundesliga player of the hour

Marco Reus: The Bundesliga player of the hour

From Carsten Scheele, Dortmund

There was this picture of Marco Reus, completely soaked, but happy in front of the yellow wall. The 35,000 spectators in the largest standing-room grandstand in Europe had just commenced appropriate songs for the occasion, after singing about the current table place and the championship favorites ("only the BVB"), the fans went to the third song. The text was manageable complicated, could be smiled in the moment of greatest happiness. It consisted of two words: "Maaarco" and "Reeuuus".

Reus stood there, listening, taking his hands, folding them over his mouth. A moment of quiet enjoyment.

Reus, 29, is just a bit more than just the captain of the championship leader, who finally took the championship favorites on Saturday night. Reus is probably just the Bundesliga player of the hour: Two goals in the top game, the intoxicating 3: 2 of BVB against Bayern, with eight goals, he is in the top scorer list at the top. Above all, as captain, he leads the seasonally inexperienced BVB ensemble through the season. Qua Amt he tried on Saturday evening to slow down the rushing euphoria. "If you're seven points up front, it's clear we want to be up there," Reus said gym, He was "proud of the current situation", but let's face it, there are still so many games to play: "So, stay on the carpet."

He himself had contributed a lot to the fact that the entire BVB family was allowed to disperse collectively on this evening. There was this ball from Lukasz Piszczek, which Reus volleyed in minute 67 at the penalty spot – a complicated task, but if such a shot currently succeeds, then Reus. He had thought: "Either he goes to the South Stand or into the goal." Because it just works, the ball rushed into the net and caused a large tabloid during the night to the question: "What makes this Reus the best reus ever?"

There are some hints, for one, and Reus himself says that he has simply become more mature. 29 is the national player now, he is soon father – and may, after a much-quoted history of suffering since the beginning of the year finally consistently healthy football play. Also, Reus has often made known how comfortable he feels under coach Lucien Favre, his old mentor from Gladbach times, the BVB has also brought him from Nice.

The most difficult ball sunk Marco Reus


Favre made Reus his captain, providing him with plenty of freedom in midfield. "I play in the position I like to play," said Reus, centrally behind the leaders. And Favre trusts Reus, too, if he does not succeed. That was also against the Bayern so, in between, one would have even be able to understand if Favre Reus had taken out. Diagnosis: lack of coldness in front of the goal. After only ten minutes he was completely free to run for Manuel Neuer, but in the end he did not make more than a shot. After about one hour, he was twice free again before the Bayern box, Neuer already beaten. The first shot saved Joshua Kimmich from falling in front of the line (59.), the second shot Reus at the height of the penalty point bad (65.).


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