Male cheerleaders will debut this season in the NFL

Male cheerleaders will debut this season in the NFL

The teams of animators are an essential part of the entertainment called NFL and the next season will be historic because for the first time there will be male cheerleaders in the sidelines. The famous "cheerleaders" have been part of the NFL since 1954 when the then Baltimore Colts added cheerleaders to your marching band. Last campaign, 26 of the 32 teams had cheerleaders, but none with male members. However, that will change. The New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams are the two franchises that have decided to give the opportunity to three men in an unprecedented event. The NFL returns to competition with the energy of its cheerleaders in the preseason.
Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron will animate the Rams, while New Orleans will be represented by Jesse Hernandez, 25 years old. It should be noted that these men will perform the same dance routine as all cheerleaders and will not focus exclusively on acrobatics.

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