Make France great again: Kevin Mayer and Benjamin Mendy meet Trump

Make France great again: Kevin Mayer and Benjamin Mendy meet Trump

Donald Trump's avenging tweets to Emmanuel Macron, after his visit to France for the November 11th ceremonies, found an echo in the French sports world. In one of the messages, the President of the United States urges France to return to the forefront: "Make France great again", written in capitals, the tenant of the White House.

In a somewhat unexpected way, the sports world reacted to Trump's provocations. It was Benjamin Mendy, very active on social networks who reacted first, tweeting two stars to remember the feat of the French football team became, this summer, double world champion. Two symbols accompanied by a familiar message written in English: "Do not worry brother".

The side defender of the Blues and Manchester City, who had to give up his selection because of a knee injury, re-offended on Wednesday morning, calling this time Emmanuel Macron. "Take care of him TKT", to understand "I take care of him, worry you".

Another tricolor sportsman to have reacted to the messages of Trump: Kevin Mayer. The vice-Olympic champion, who broke the world decathlon record in September, posted a photo of him in front of the sign of the new brand while reassuring the US president: "It is working dear Donald. "

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