Golden Tates role, Darren Sproles' injury, an unforgettable game of Eagles Cowboys rivalry and more in a Cowboys Week edition of Roobs 10 Random Eagles Observations!

There is nothing like Cowboys week!

1 Must-wins are often not legitimate must-wins. You never know how the season will develop, and the Eagles are in a mediocre division where 9-7 could be enough to claim first place.

But come on, this one is really a must. They can not lose at home to a Cowboys team that scores an average of 13½ points per game on the road, a 14-point home defeat to the Titans, a 7-point suppression that will take place in one week. The Eagles have not won any direct games this year and have lost their last two games at home. They are clearly a superior team and they have said goodbye to their biggest rival in their own building.

I would like to see it blown out. The Eagles are World Champions and it is time to play as World Champions.

2 Speaking of blowouts … The Cowboys have lost 15 games by 26 or more since 2000. More than half of these losses – eight of them – were with the Eagles.

Third One thing to keep an eye on Sunday night: The Cowboys are the best in the NFL if they do not allow big games. They allowed 24 offensive games with an NFL of 20 meters or more and only three games of 40 meters, the third smallest in the league. Oddly enough, the Eagles have not played a game more than 22 meters in their last four games against cowboys. Carson Wentz had five at least 30-meter declines against the Jaguars, and the Eagles must continue to break down in this middle class to have offensive success.

4 Cameron Johnston's average of 49.9 points is highest after his first eight games with a newcomer in NFL history. The previous record was set in 1966 by David Lee of the Colts, which averaged 49.8 yards in his first eight games.

5 If you think about it, it's unbelievable that the Eagles' defense only allows 18.6 points per game – the fifth-lowest in the league – despite only seven take-aways, which is just one of the last places and after eight games At least in the history of the Eagles is. The 149 points allowed by the defense are the sixth-lowest points in the NFL history of a team with seven or fewer takes in their first eight games. Imagine when it started to get snacks? This would be an elite unit.

6 Tate will make a big difference right away. Not next month, not next week. Now. Sunday night. Special player

7th I feel terrible for Sproles. The guy has made such a brilliant career, and he's such a class. For such an end is only a shame. I just hope he comes to the field sometime before the end of the season.

8th Interesting to note is that of the seven 32-year-old Eagles – Jason Peters, Sproles, Haloti Ngata, Michael Bennett, Corey Graham, Chris Long, and Mike Wallace – only Long and Bennett stayed healthy in the first half of the season.

9 It's amazing how fast life moves in the NFL. There are now 19 players in the Eagle's 53-member squad that did not belong to the Super Bowl team. That's 36 percent. Due to injuries, the salary cap and decreasing skills, the change in the National Football League is constant. That's why it's so hard to stay good. And why it's so important to have an elite quarterback,

10 On my latest Roob Knows podcast, I count down my top 10 games in the history of the Eagles Cowboys. Like many of you, the game includes the everlasting game – Donovan McNabb gets into the right edge and then all the way to the extreme left, in front of a downed 60-meter bomb on Freddie Mitchell on a Monday night at the Texas Stadium in the year 2004.

You've seen the song a thousand times, but here's something you've probably never noticed: after escaping Leonardo Carson's grip and rolling to the right, # 5 is put on the actual number 1, which is part of the "10" is 10 yard line near the right sideline. The numbers were actually slipperier than the Texas Stadium surface, and you can see McNabb slip and almost lose his balance as he changes direction on the "1" as Greg Ellis approaches him. But he straightened up, ran the other way back across the field and was then unloaded to Mitchell.

It was an amazing piece for a number of reasons, but my favorite part is how he regains his balance after nearly wiping out the # 1 spot.

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