A lensois supporter was injured in the head after receiving a seat launched by another fan present in the stand for Artesians, Saturday at the end of Derby Valenciennes-Lens, counting for the 14th day of L2.

The supporter, who was wearing a RCL jersey, was bleeding profusely and had his head wrapped, before being evacuated on a stretcher by the rescue services, a VAFC employee said.

The incidents erupted at the end of the match, won by Valenciennes (4-2), when a Valencian player, Elhadj Dabo, came to chamber the gallery occupied by the artesian fans. Lens captain Walid Mesloud then rushed to jostle his opponent, creating a scuffle between the players.

Before the match, incidents had already pitted supporters of both sides who had exchanged shots. The police had to use tear gas to restore order. "There would have been two minor injuries" during these altercations, said the northern prefecture.


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