He adjourned a meeting, but the other four took place. For several days, the Football Football Association deferred matches after proposed protests throughout France, but the LFP has still decided to keep four meetings, including two Saturday nights. Three days after his beautiful victory at Décines against Olympique Lyonnais (0-2), Stade Rennais wanted to confirm getting Dijon at Roazhon Park. About eleven for appointment, Julien Stéphan kept 4-2-3-1 but made some changes. Gelin, Zeffane, Lea-Siliki and Niang were a leader. In front of it, the DFCO wanted to continue its success against Guingamp (2-1). Olivier Blind and Oglio Ciman kept in defense or Saïd in front of him. On their lawn, the Dijonnais greatly defeated the Rennes, organized well and placed a lot on the ground. He said he wanted to create the free danger but the defense did not face to shake (13th). Slightly, the local people got some colors and Grenier Allain got on a straight free kick (23rd). Although the visitors had a little more, the Rennes use it much better. Niang attended right in good conditions in the Dijon surface, but Allain, always cautious, could meet with a beautiful parade (36th). At the break, both teams were back back (0-0). After breaking, Rennais wanted to tap out quickly. On the left, Niang saw that his shot was pushed to the corner (53), and Da Silva was not his head behind (54th). The DFCO responded to a great opportunity. Jeannot rescued the ball after some sick and walked on Dijon's striker on Diallo, well off (62). Finally, the local people got the flow behind. Bourigeaud got the ball after Ben Arfa rebound center. The 24-year-old peak and Ciman rejected the effort finished in the net (69, 1-0). Tavares tried to balance the one but was close to the size (79th). After falling on Allain (80th), Ben Arfa shot a shot shot later, seconds after another Rennes chance (90, 2-0). Stade Rennais wins and ran from 13 to 9. DFCO remained on the 16th place. Amiens Guingamp Drives! In the other meeting that was scheduled at 20h, En Avant Guingamp Club Amiens Sports received Roudourou. The Red Sea was the championship, EAG's nine successful games in Ligue 1, including a reset against DIjon this week (1-2). The situation was also concerned with three L1 breakdowns, including the last against Monaco (0-2). Jocelyn Gourvennec Ikoko and Nb. Gbakoto started a 4-2-3-1 feminine over the last game. On the contrary, Christophe Pélissier credited the same team with one exception, since Ghoddos was instead of Ganso. The Guingampais was not slow to put pressure on the Amiens camp. Holder of this game, N & # 39; Gbakoto had two chances of doubling the case but finally ended his efforts (8, 12), and Coco Adenon got his way (10th). Always, the premises persisted but there was no precision in the last, such as Thuram, without doubt twice (15, 17th). And after a fact from Didot (44 & 39), the referee introduced the first act, heavily affected the EAG's interest. After the first non-goal period, the second action was racing. Rodelin first got a long-lived Thuram (53). But on the other side of the field, the Amiens were more effective. Gnahore turned right and Otero moved right. The second got his partner to open the score at a close range (63, 0-1). And turn every chance into a goal. At mid in the back of Turam, Didot made his right right and Gouano saw his shot to end at the bottom of the nets (70, 1-1). A goal collected by Mr Bastien with the help of the VAR, so that he could cope with the picture. But there was joy throughout the British. After a parade of Johnasson on the Bodmer attempt, Mendoza came out to take advantage of his head (83, 1-2). To eliminate this afternoon afternoon, Turam got a straight red card on a very high foot at the head of Gouano (90 + 5). Amiens was in charge of Guingamp and left his 19th place to settle in 17th. The EAG did not leave a place of red lanterns.


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