LeBron returns to Cleveland on November 21

LeBron returns to Cleveland on November 21

The NBA yesterday revealed its schedule for the 2018-2019 season, which highlights the returns of LeBron James to Cleveland and Kawhi Leonard to San Antonio, in a campaign that has tried to reduce the burden of consecutive games.

                    In this way, the teams will play an average of 13.3 "back to back" throughout the season, two games on two consecutive nights, the lowest number in their history. Last season the average was 14.4 and, in 2014-15, 19.3.
                    In addition, the League made disappear for the first time in its history the tours of eight parties in 12 days.
                    The NBA has focused its efforts in recent years to lower the intensity to try to combat the numerous injuries suffered by many of its stars, such as Gordon Hayward, DeMarcus Cousins, Kristaps Porzingis or Kawhi Leonard last season.
                    On the other hand, the arrival of LeBron James to Los Angeles will make the Californian box the one that has more games broadcast nationwide, with 43, ahead of the Golden State Warriors (40), the Boston Celtics, the Houston Rockets and the Philadelphia 76ers, all of them with 39.
                    James' first game in Cleveland with the Lakers is scheduled for November 21, while his debut in the new season with the Lakers will be on October 18 when they visit the Portland Trail Blazers and their first game in their field it will be October 20 against the Rockets of Houston.
                    The departure of star forward Kawhi Leonard of the Spurs, who transferred to the Toronto Raptors, has generated a new duel to stand out in the NBA calendar when the former star of the Texan team returns to San Antonio early next January. In addition, the Warriors and the Rockets will reissue the Western Conference final on November 15 as several of the highlights.
                    A few days ago it was announced that the Lakers will visit the Warriors on Christmas night and that the competition will start on October 16, its earliest start from the 1980-1981 season, when it did on the 10th.
                    The season kicks off with the Philadelphia Sixers of visitors versus the Celtics and the Warriors as hosts of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Before the second game, the Warriors will receive their championship rings and reveal the pennant of their 2018 NBA title.
                    More flexible calendar
                    For the second consecutive season, no team will play four games in five nights, while a team that plays five games in seven days has been reduced by 42% (an average of 0.7 per team compared to 1.2 per team last season), in accordance with what was released by the League.


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