LeBron does not forget its origins and opens a school for low-income children

LeBron does not forget its origins and opens a school for low-income children

It's no secret that LeBron James, one of the NBA's biggest current stars, has always supported education initiatives in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, and across the country. That is why in the past dates he opened a public primary school, and it is not any school. Its purpose is to ensure that children do not think about the street and find a second home in school.

I Promise School is the name of this joint venture between the LeBron James Family Foundation and the Ohio public school system. The inaugural class includes 240 students from third and fourth grades who were selected based on socioeconomic status and educational performance, since belonging to this public school has a 100 percent assignment, which means that students do not have to endorse snacks, transportation, uniforms and school supplies.

The school plans to expand from the first to the eighth grade by the year 2022, and has more than 40 members including teachers and staff trained to offer students longer school days, as well as an extended school year.
Additionally, it was reported that students who graduate from the program will receive a free tuition at the University of Akron, all from the year 2021.

But if this of the free university is not good enough, additionally the school is decorated like a dream for any basketball fan: with 114 pairs of James shoes in the hall of the site.

James' passion for helping students who struggle inside and outside the classroom comes from his own experiences as a child. Remember that when he was in fourth step he began to lose classes and said that this was a crucial moment in his life, because of not having received help his life could have been very different from the contemporary one:

LeBron missed a lot of classes when he was in fourth grade, said Michele Campbell, executive director of the James Foundation to USA Today.
We all know what path he took. He took the right path, with very good crowd at his roughly and now we know him as the best basketball athlete in the world. I could have taken the other road, and we would never have met LeBron James. It would have been a statistic like many students who drop out of school.

All of these children may not become LeBron James of basketball, but they do in the passionate LeBron James with a dream in life.

For his part, the basketball player said he knew the children more than they know themselves, because he went through the same thing and is happy to be able to give them an opportunity to grow and develop, just as he had at the time.


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