Leader wins Derby: patience on both sides

Leader wins Derby: patience on both sides

SV Türkgücü beat Ismaning 1-0. However, the favorite is not in great danger.

By Christoph Leischwitz, Kirchheim

"Still enough time," Mijo Stijepic called into the field. His team was back 0-1, but FC Ismaning played well against Bayern league leaders Türkgücü-Ataspor. The coach also worked patiently in the following minutes, he did not let himself be disturbed. But it was then but the expected result: The favorite won 1-0 (0-0) and is after a 1: 2 in Kottern back on the ascent.

Since Emanuel Eisenreich was elected as the new president, it says the sporting director Florian Hahn, peace has returned to the FC Ismaning. Because of the nervousness in summer, former coach Rainer Elfinger occasionally took too much tactical risk. Instead of securing a draw, he played to victory, in order to pacify the club with success in this way. And that did not succeed.

From interim to head coach: Mijo Stijepic is allowed to continue until at least the end of the season

During the week, another important personnel issue was clarified: also, but not only because of the successes in recent weeks, interim coach Mijo Stijepic was appointed head coach until the end of the season, in the case of relegation, the commitment would automatically extend by one year. "He's one of them," says Hahn about Stijepic's close ties to the players. For the winter break, he sees no need to change the squad: The team now play as you've expected earlier. On Sunday evening at the guest performance in Heimstetten you could see that Hahn definitely coached and gave instructions.

The first few minutes of the game belonged to FC Ismaning, the most dangerous being the cross from captain Maximilian Siebald from the right side – but it did not come to conclusions. As the game progressed, Ismaning found it increasingly difficult to build up the game, and gradually Türkgücü took control, and Ismaning kept the host's combination less focused on defensive work than on small fouls. Mijo Stijepic's team kept the favorites away from their own goal for a long time. A free kick from Yasin Yilmaz brought the first danger: His shot landed directly with goalkeeper Sebastian Fritz, who could only fumble the ball forward, then hit an Ismaninger the ball from the danger zone. There were already 24 minutes played. There were no clear chances in the first half, the best was still Robin Volland after one of the rare Ismaninger counterattack. His low shot passed the far post (40). One minute later drew Türkgücüs Dominik Schmitt from the edge of the box.

Immediately after the break, however, paid off the variable attacking game of the promotion aspirants: Masaaki Takahara played a quick, precise ball flat through the middle, Schmitt ran alone on Fritz and met (49.). That with patience, they have it on Türkgücü just good mood, it was already the fourth 1-0 success this season.

Ismaning responded with a rather random chance to score: A cross from Tobias Killer landed on the goal net. A little later Hugo Lopes limping from the field and decided after two minutes of treatment, shaking his head, "It's no more." Jérôme Fayé got on his feet in a duel. That did not necessarily help Ismaning's game. FCI keeper Fritz had more to do than Turkgücüs goalkeeper Issa Ndiaye, who was seriously tested next time in the 80th minute. In the 89th minute it became clear that goal-scoring for Ismaning on this day should not be so. Firstly, David Tomasevic fired from the shortest distance over the goal, and secondly, he was offside anyway. The new head coach Stijepic took it quietly. Against Türkgücü to get something, Hahn had said before the game, as it would be anyway only bonus points.


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