La Rochelle-Usap Live

La Rochelle-Usap Live

78 & # 39;

With this fourth trial of the game, La Rochelle gives the offensive bonus. The guests of the day will no longer be suspected.

76 & # 39;

La Rochelle penalty test! The fee La Rochelais releases the enemy scrum. Monsieur Brousset goes under the poles and takes his hand to grant the test.

75 & # 39;

Carbou is already back. Catalan comes back to the bench.

75 & # 39;

Succession of Peruvian faces. At five meters, the referee leaves this option to Rochelais. Either scum or penalty at the foot. It will be a scrum.

74 & # 39;

On the side of Catalonia, the carbou's head wound opened again and he suffered a heavy broth. Lam comes in to him.

74 & # 39;

And another change in La Rochelle takes Gospel to Tanguy's place.

72 & # 39;

The Bousquet fault that falls on this group on the ground. This is not allowed and the referee received the penalty. Penaltouche selected at Rochelais.

72 & # 39;

Released Prison and enter Aouf's side of play.

71 & # 39;

Tutaia comes back to the full time USAP side. It replaces a Botha that has disappeared.


Western Transformation to La Rochelle! The gunner is in line with the time he is offered to try.

69 & # 39;

Essay Doumayrou for La Rochelle! Joly sits and stopped at two meters in the right. Meat hands back to the West, which just turn left to Doumayrou, which starts from fifteen meters, holds the remaining space at Selponi and puts the left side of the post.

67 & # 39;

Rattez literature on supposed injury. It replaces Roudil that returns to the quieter side.

67 & # 39;

Mr Brousset Sau is allowed to cope with a bit too high. Penaltouche don Rochelais.

66 & # 39;

Western meals trying to go with Doumayrou's losing the ball. However, no progress can be made, and Rochelais can make their best progress in half the other area.

65 & # 39;

Carbou seems to have the skull open. The healers come to the news. They discriminate and repeat the game.

64 & # 39;

Carbou moves a temporary key at the beginning of the alignment. At the resume, Forletta is close to hand, but it is not. This is finally the Bousquet that allows him to escape when it's plated.

62 & # 39;

Sinzelle goes out and gives a place to his place in Doumayrou in Rochelais stations.

62 & # 39;

Piukala leaves, instead of Farnoux. Possibly Catalan injury.

61 & # 39;

Rochelais has a strong role to play a little more than an hour in this game and without trying to miss the meeting, they must win to touch with the first part of the table.


Entering Acebes play rather than Mjekevu USAP side.

59 & # 39;

Western Penalty for La Rochelle! There are now ten points for locals who have hit their opponents with the conversion test, and thereafter there is a penalty.

56 & # 39;

Meals take place Kerr-Barlow beside La Rochelle.

55 & # 39;

Successful Western Transformation for La Rochelle!

54 & # 39;

Murimurivalu Trial for La Rochelle! The video affirms the test of the person who came in and flattens to the right of the post.

54 & # 39;

Roudil was not far from the corner of the test corner, but a double opponent is five meters.

53 & # 39;

Back to the side of the Faleafa USAP lane. Van Heerden leaves sitting down.

51 & # 39;

Bourdeau and Qovu into La Rochelle side. They replace Timani and Sazy.

51 & # 39;

Successful transformation at Bousquet for Perpignan!

50 & # 39;

Ecochard Test for Perpignan! In the continuity of the activity, Ecochard is the end of managing the space for a final charge and jumping on the line, just on the right of the post.

49 & # 39;

The Catalans are pressing again. They are three meters away. Selpion for Piukala, plated at three meters. Then Botha depends and fails on one meter.

47 & # 39;

On the Rochelais side, Forbes takes Bourgarit's place on the front line.

47 & # 39;

Deghmache goes out and gives way to Ecochard on the side of Catalonia. Van Heerden takes Faleafa's place.

46 & # 39;

Faleafa goes out on the side of the Catalan side protocol. The USAP actually plays fourteen.

45 & # 39;

Tutaia do Charbou fails to cross the defense curtain. Mjekevu is then tackled and the ball can not get out.

44 & # 39;

Loss of the USAP ball. It is repealed in the West in the twenty-one quest. Local people can progress with play by hand.

42 & # 39;

Changes at the break, Catalan side. Charlet stayed in the car park, instead of Carbou. Muller is coming in too.

41 & # 39;

Resume of the meeting and start of second period. Rochelais with the commitment.

40 & # 39;

The referee whistle puts everyone to the rocket room for the 10-3 score in favor of La Rochelle. The discussions are reasonably fair and Perpignan could come back well if Rochelais fails to become more realistic. Everything remains open.

39 & # 39;

The five-meter key is for the locals, but it is badly adjusted, and therefore visitors have to recover that they did not expect to bring that gift to the air.

38 & # 39;

Atonio do Bourgarit drops the ball. The referee goes back to a passport on the wrong side of Perpignan.

37 & # 39;

Mr Brousset feeds a single lie in a larger scrum and left Catalan. He tells the captain the next time he would otherwise allow it.

36 & # 39;

Mjekevu's refusal, for Perpignan! Bloody Melee and Gold with a left ball on the left at Faleafa. Then sends Selponi to Mjekevu. The latter will register the test. However, the referee asks the video as he thinks he has seen a pass between the two men. The video confirms. Logically rejected test

35 & # 39;

Faced dismissal of Tanguy on Selponi. It will be a scrum for the Catalan, and Priso and Atonio complain pain.

34 & # 39;

Successful Western Transformation for La Rochelle!

32 & # 39;

Try Traveling on La Rochelle! Melee went to five meters to locals and Vito that emerged the ball with a blind pass between the legs for Retière that turn left in the hall for Rattez who are more than the other.

30 & # 39;

Rochelois compensates five meters from the line. Scotland's backup, but the referee leaves the lead. The ball comes into the Western hands that allow him to escape after fighting. Monsieur Brousset at the edge of Eru.

29 & # 39;

Boutemmani is taking way to Forletta. Change determined by the Catalan coach.

28 & # 39;

The passage was on the wrong side of Faleafa on the Rochelais van. The referee left the advantage and returned to the fault. Penaltouche for the West.

27 & # 39;

Fingerboard Rochelaise aligns five. Vito takes it. The ball is spent at thirty five meters.

26 & # 39;

Bousquet penalty for Perpignan! Sa rochelais is twenty, a little on the right, the kick goes between the posts. Equality. 3-3.

25 & # 39;

Hit Deghmache do Selponi with crossed legs. It's too long. The referee returns to La Rochelle with a messenger who does not emerge from the zone to fight the time. Penalty.

24 & # 39;

Rochelaise is a bad touch and Botha feeds it. Lam and Deghmache are served. Current advantage for visitors with five meters in terms of opponents.

23 & # 39;

The Catalans are covered and alleviate the opposite ball in the camp. However, the referee permits to contact Bousquet.

22 & # 39;

This time one is facing Kieft. But the referee returns a fault in advance on the USP side. The opportunity to hit the West.

21 & # 39;

Piukala do Selponi makes a advertisement with Mjekevu. The second adds acceleration and brings the game around the twenty quiz. Faced Sau and mixed in favor of Studies.

20 & # 39;

The first twenty minutes of play reaches and at the moment, the game is very close. The fight is rough and balanced in the middle of the field, but there are also many mistakes.

19 & # 39;

Atonio do Rochelais. It takes the West to take the space but Brazo takes it in extremises that delivers the Rochelais arm and pushed it forward.

18 & # 39;

Twenty two times the scrum for Perpignan. We try to find out the game, before Selponi finally finds his foot stamps, not being able to find the key.

17 & # 39;

West for Favre gets Roudil as a support to the left. Sau tackles the second and releases the ball, pushing it forward.

16 & # 39;

Kerr-Barlow for a Plated Prison. Then the West chooses the jump on the right. Recovery at Sau for visitors, and Deghmache releases in touch.

15 & # 39;

The Rochelaise key was in the two twenty-two employers, to the left. Favre leaves the center and takes ten meters back. Sazy came to take care of Priso. The protection of Catalonia is emerging.

14 & # 39;

The Peruvian scrum crosses and the referee has been allowed again. West chooses the penaltouche.

13 & # 39;

The people who are now promoting the ball, but failing to progress. He is doing one here to come. The ball is back to the premises.

12 & # 39;

The first festival with the introduction of USAP. It is well controlled and the ball went right with Faleafa, then Sau. Selponi wants to start his foot. It's just in touch.

10 & # 39;

Again the Sinzelle-Retière duo left. It does not happen and we come back on the right. The armor turns on this ball key by Brazo in Sazy hands.

9 & # 39;

Timani's long pass on the right. West meets and Kieft gets back in support. Finally, get in touch with local people.

8 & # 39;

Sinzelle puts this Catalan diversion. It leaves that Retière is hitting and dried as a panic. The oval comes to Peruvian hands. Not long as he escaped and La Rochelle can start again.

7 & # 39;

Western Penalty for La Rochelle! Twenty-three meters ahead of the post, Rochelais's art goes through the first three points of the game.

6 & # 39;

The Catalan examines that it falls again. The referee and this time stays, Rochelais will try the penalty.

5 & ​​# 39;

Again scrum for the people of the place, on the forty meters before. The lack of a Catalan roster and a free kick quickly. We do not have ten meters near the USAP. Monsieur Brousset resembles each other.

4 & # 39;

The Faleafa pass takes a Catalan and Brazo contest. The number 7 passes the fault with a passport.

3 & # 39;

The first scrum of the meeting with La Rochelle's introduction. Shift to the left with Sinzelle, then Retière who tries to sneak along the line. In vain.

2 & # 39;

So West goes to touch with La Rochelle and returns the game for forty meters.

1 "

There is already a penalty in favor of Rochelais in twenty-two. Mr Brousset feeds removal of Beef. Some of the Rochelais do not hear the whistle and they leave. The test is marked, but of course, it will not be validated.

1 "

Marcel-Deflandre has gone to this meeting counting for the 4th day of Top 14 and against La Rochelle to Perpignan. The kickoff is currently fitted by the mid-referee of the game, Mr Brousset.

0 & # 39;

USP side, it's not simple back to French rugby elite. By breaking out on the way of going to Catalan, he shows some good things to play over his two final games, lost on foot every tight time. This is the right time for Perpignan to be the first time for this season. Competition to follow, live, on our site.

0 & # 39;

Low class Duel between La Rochelle (11th) and Perpignan (14th). The Rochelais started, if they started this season with a win at home against Grenoble (28-11), twice, outside, on the Montpellier and Toulouse lawn. Xavier Garbajosa is charged to the men to raise the bar this Sunday.

0 & # 39;

The kickoff will be given at 12:30.

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