Kylian Mbappé responds to the revelations of the site Mediapart, according to which the PSG would have managed to conclude its transfer of AS Monaco by acceding to its exorbitant demands.

In an interview with France Info, broadcast on Friday, the young star of the Blues and the Paris team refutes the claims that he wanted his taxes to be paid by the club, but also become the highest paid Parisian squad. Ballon d'Or case and receive 30,000 euros per month to cover his housing and staff costs.

"It's totally wrong. I do not like talking about it, but as you talk to me about it, I will talk about it. I want to clarify that I pay all my taxes in France, on all my income, "says the international striker, interviewed Thursday night by radio.

"Everything I did, I did it in the rules", insists Kylian Mbappé, who did not wish to speak on the suspicions of an ethnic registration practiced by some recruiters of the Parisian club, revealed thursday by Mediapart.


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