Klopp fired again at Sergio Ramos

Klopp fired again at Sergio Ramos

In an interview with the German half Sportl, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp recalled the final of the Champions League in which Sergio Ramos caused the injury of Mohamed Salah and sent a message to the Spanish. Klopp analyzed that he does not like to win at any cost, but explained that "of course I would have liked to win the Champions League and, if the incidents had shown me later, I would not have returned the title. I do not expect that from Ramos, but I would reconsider his behavior in certain situations" In addition, the coach revealed that before the game he had put the focus on Ramos along with his team: "We talked about him because he was the protagonist with a pool and a red card against Juventus. he doubts, but does there have to be such situations with him? "Finally, Klopp insisted that Mohamed Salah's injury was not accidental:" Of course it could be a coincidence, but they pulled out of the p Salah played in a relatively smart way during an impressive phase of his football life, in a foul in midfield. "

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