Kieran Tierney says his Leipzig goal has been his best so far

Kieran Tierney says his Leipzig goal has been his best so far

Kieran Tierney was only 10 minutes from Celtic's unconditional Europa League match against Red Bull Leipzig.

The goal gave the Scottish champion the necessary momentum as he scored a famous 2-1 win on Thursday night.

After the match, Tierney rated the goal as the best of his career.

"Jamesie (Forrest) cut back a nice ball and he has gone all the way to me," he said. "All I thought was touch and shoot.

"I hit it as hard as I could and hoped for the best. Luckily for me it went in – although the keeper got a touch.

"To score at this end was incredible. Everyone knew where I ran. It was a great way to party, but you can not get carried away as the game is back on track.

"I met Man City at the same end, but we did not win that night, so I was disappointed. Winning a goal makes it even sweeter.

"The biggest plus was the way we reacted to the Leipzig equalizer. In the past, we collapsed as we continued this time, putting pressure on them and picking the winner.

"It was a great game between Scott Sinclair and Ryan Christie and a great finish from Odsonne [Edouard],

"That was a big goal and a big win for us. It was a big step forward. We always say we will try to learn from mistakes, and we have done that.

"We could have disintegrated. They are a good team and would have trusted in this goal.

"They wanted another, they did not sit back to draw. The way we responded was brilliant. In the past we might not have done that.

"It's not easy against anyone in Europe. It felt like a Champions League night against one of Germany's biggest and best teams.

"It was a great night, but now we have to focus on the next games.

"Personally, I want to thank every fan because the atmosphere they create is brilliant, and results like today would not happen without them."

Although Celtic is now tied to the Germans in Group G, Tierney admits he thinks they still have the advantage to move on.

"Leipzig is probably still the favorite because of the direct contact (after Leipzig had won the game 2 weeks earlier in Germany 2: 0).

"But we have given ourselves a chance and what can we ask for more?

"Rosenborg is another big game for us now, a huge game we can look forward to.

"They are a tough team, it will not be easy at all, it was 0-0 when we were last in the (Champions League) qualifier. We know that it will be difficult.

"Our shape has turned around and it would always happen. It was always clicking.

"We were in a sticky patch, but we did not change anything from day one.

"When we went through it, we knew we were coming out, and we've made it in the last few weeks."

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