Key fantasy soccer injury ads for week 2

Key fantasy soccer injury ads for week 2

For reference, in the team's final injury report for a given week, players can be classified as "questionable (Q)", "doubtful (D)" or "off". In addition to the obvious designation of an excluded player, "doubtful" means that a player is unsure of playing, while "doubtful" means that a player is unlikely to play.

Since the NFL canceled the "probable" term two years ago, players who are expected on Sunday (or Monday) are simply removed from the injury report by the closing date (Friday night Sunday games, Saturday afternoon Monday night games).

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For the purpose of this injury related game preview, players are grouped by location. Under the name of each player, the team, the injured body part (as listed in the official NFL injury report), the official game status and the playing time (ET) the following elements are included: all known relevant details about the injury, the player's participation in practice This week and additional notes to clarify the status of the player.

For anyone looking for specific information about specific types of injury, here is an illustrated injury glossary, which you can also find on the right side of the ESPN Fantasy homepage.

Also, have a look at my "Answer the Bell" podcast, which focuses on various medical topics with dedicated guests, including experts in their respective fields, as well as athletes experienced in various injuries or medical ailments. All episodes are archived here.

And now for the game preview on Sunday / Monday:


Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers, right elbow (Q), 1:00 pm

Additional injury details: bruised right elbow

Case Study: DNP Weds-Th; Full Fr.

Remarks: After restoring his elbow and receiving treatment earlier this week, Roethlisberger was a full-fledged Friday training participant. Roethlisberger, known for his ability to play through injury, is expected to play on Sunday and prevent a setback.

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers, Knee (Q), 13:00

Additional injury details: Sprained (L) Knee, 1st week, 2018

Case Study: DNP Weds-Fri; Limited Sa

Remarks: Packers Nation collectively held their breath as Rodgers went down in a heap last night and then limping. The force of nearly 300 pounds on his left side, where his hips and ankles were relatively trapped, meant that much of this force was directed through the lateral side and medial side of his left knee. After Rodgers was taken to the locker room for evaluation, he somehow returned, though he was stiff and unable to exert much pressure on his left leg to lead his team to victory. However, the days following an injury, such as the sprain he has suffered, are usually worse, and it remains to be seen if he can take over the field in Week 2. It is clear that he would do it to like To do so, the medical staff must ensure that they can adequately protect themselves from further injury when playing, and this decision may be related to the playing time.

2 relatives

Rodgers participated in a light training session on Saturday ('s Rob Demovsky notes that packers do not normally train on Friday, but instead do light training sessions on Saturday). While his activity is a positive sign, the team will still wait to see how he responds to the Saturday meeting and how he feels on Matchday morning. When Rodgers plays, it will be a less mobile version of him, perhaps similar to the Rodgers some years ago, playing in the presence of a calf strain severely limiting his ability to move outside the pocket. As we've seen, a limited Rodgers may not necessarily become an ineffective Rodgers – but he faces the Minnesota Vikings this week. Fortunately, this game starts early so the fantasy managers have time to make adjustments.

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions, Shin (Injury Protocol), 16:05

Additional injury details: Stafford seemed to be kicked in the shin during the last game.

Case Study: Full Wed-Fri

Remarks: Week 1 is one that Stafford would probably like to forget after he threw four interceptions and absorbed several big hits. One such blow was a knock on his knee that looked like it could have been a lot worse. Stafford suffered a tibia injury, which brought him into the injury report this week. In a typical Stafford manner, he has practiced every day and does not even appear on the Pregame Injury Report. He may not feel completely healthy, but he will beat the field against the 49ers.

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys, groin (from the foreplay injury report), 20:20

Additional injury details: She reportedly suffered a slight ankle injury last week and was treated at the facility. unclear when the bar problem appeared

Case Study: Full Wed-Fri

Remarks: Despite the fact that Prescott was on the Practice Injury Report, he was not limited to Reps and was removed from the Pregame Injury Report. His status for Sunday night is not in danger.

Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans, right elbow (Q), 1:00 pm

Additional injury details: Right elbow bruise

Case Study: Full Weds, limited Th-Fri

Remarks: Mariota suffered a blow on the inside of his left elbow, leaving him with numbness and weakness in his hands and fingers, a sure sign that his ulnar nerve (running directly along the inside of the elbow) was affected. Although he tried to return to the game last week, his successive interception proved that his grip control was indeed affected, and he was removed from the game. Depending on the severity of the bruise, symptoms like these may last for minutes or hours to days and, in rare cases, weeks. His return to practice was an encouraging sign. During the week, however, he switched from full work to limited work. It seems that his status is due to a decision on the day of play.

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles, Knee (off), 13:00

Additional injury details: ACL / LCL operation December 2017

Case Study: Limited Weds-Fri

Remarks: Wentz remains limited in practice and is not yet unlocked for contact. He is back in Week 2 when Nick Foles gets another start.

Running back

David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals, back (before the match report), 16:05

Additional injury details: back pain

Case Study: Limited Weds-Th; Full Friday

Remarks: After training on Friday, Johnson declared himself perfectly healthy. This statement, combined with its removal from the Foreplay Injury Report, is enough to indicate that he will play on Sunday while the Cardinals travel to the Rams.

Leonard Fournette, Jacksonville Jaguars, Torn Muscle (Q), 16:25

Additional injury details: right hamstring

Case Study: DNP Wednesday-Fri

Remarks: Fournette left the game last Sunday and reached for his right Achilles tendon. He returned to the sideline in the second half but has not returned to training. Although Fournette said he could play again, his lack of activity this week is somewhat disturbing. Since the Jaguars are so early in the season, they probably will not take any unnecessary risks with their feature. The decision will be made at play time, but it would not be surprising if Fournette sits; If he plays, it could be for T.J. give even more work. Yeldon. It's worth noting that Jaguar star RB Brandon Wilds emerged from the training team on Saturday.

Rex Burkhead, New England Patriots, Concussion (Q), 4:25 pm

Additional injury details: Concussion; after the game of Week 1 set to the injury report

Case Study: DNP Weds, Limited Thu-Fri

Remarks: Burkhead seems to have progressed this week with the concussion protocol as he upgraded his instructors. There are always several hurdles to overcome before you can get back into the action, so there may not be a definitive announcement until Sunday's game. Burkhead traveled with the crew to Jacksonville.

Marshawn Lynch, Oakland Raiders, shoulder (off-game status violation report), 16:25

Additional injury details:

Case Study: Limited Weds; Full Thurs-Fri

Remarks: Last week, Lynch was in injury report for a groin injury, but that did not stop the Raiders from leaning on him in the bottom game. This week he appears with a shoulder injury, but after two complete exercises and a removal from the game injury report, Lynch expects that he sees his usual action.

T.J. Yeldon, Jacksonville Jaguars, Ankle (Off-Pregame Injury Report), 16:25

Additional injury details: added to the injury report Friday

Case Study: Limited Fr.

Remarks: Normally one would worry about a player who was included in the injury report on Friday. The team's decision to remove Yeldon from the last foreplay status injury report is a good sign that they are not affected. It is possible that given the situation with Fournette, the team decided to limit his reps ahead of the game this week. Expect Yeldon to see an increased workload even when Fournette is active.

Phillip Lindsay, Denver Broncos, Knee (from the foreplay injury report), 16:25

Additional injury details: none

Case Study: Limited from Thu-Fri

Remarks: Lindsay did not appear in the injury report until Thursday, so this seems to be something that has surfaced in practice. The good news is that he has been removed from the Foreplay Injury Report, suggesting that this disease does not threaten his status for Sunday's game.

Marlon Mack, Indianapolis Colts, Achilles tendon (Q), 13:00 ET

Additional injury details: Thigh pull load, August 2018

Case Study: Limited Weds-Th, Full Fr

Remarks: Mack suffered a slight hamstring injury during the first preseason game. He returned to training last Thursday, but had not shown enough to play in the first week. This week, Mack switched to two limited training sessions that were switched to full training on Friday. Depending on how he reacted to the training on Friday and the team's confidence in his Achilles tendon, it seems that Mack could adapt. This will probably lead to a playing time decision.

Sony Michel, New England Patriots, Knie (Q), 16:25

Additional injury details: Scavenging (L) Knie, August, 2018

Case Study: Limited Weds-Fri

Remarks: Michel returned to training two weeks ago, but was beaten in the first week of the regular season game as the team continued to increase his workload and continue to learn the offense. Michel was available to the media this week, always an encouraging sign for a Patriots player, and he should make his debut in regular time this Sunday. His availability this week comes at a good time as Jeremy Hill is lost to the season due to an ACL / MCL injury and the status of Rex Burkhead is due to a playtime decision.

C.J. Anderson, Carolina Panthers, Disease (Off-Pregame Injury Report), 1:00 pm

Additional injury details: none

Case Study: DNP Weds, Full Thu-Fri (Fri was a walk)

Remarks: The key is that Anderson was full of participants for two days and apparently has no more disease. His removal from the Plegame Injury Report indicates that the team expects it to be available.

LeGarrette Blount, Detroit Lions, Shoulder (Q), 16:05

Additional injury details: none

Case Study: Full-time Th, Limited Fr

Remarks: Blount played only 13 offensive snaps in the week 1 competition of the team. Friday's downgrade in practice is not encouraging, but Blount's status is likely to remain uncertain until the end of the season. As this is a late game, fantasy players are encouraged to look elsewhere.

Devonta Freeman, Atlanta Falcons, Knee (off), 13:00

Additional injury details: right knee, injured week 1 against Eagles

Case Study: DNP Wednesday-Fri

Remarks: This is the same knee that hurt Freeman at the end of last season with reports of a sprained MCL and PCL. Despite playing through the season, the knee narrowed it significantly, and the hope was that the off-season would give him plenty of time to recover. Freeman came to the camp feeling good, and the team protected him by limiting his workload, including participating in pre-season games. Unfortunately, PCL injuries, in particular, can leave behind an athlete with a residual instability, which may worsen, albeit slightly, over the course of the football game. At some point during the Week 1 game, Freeman's knee became problematic and after not practicing at all this week, he is out for the second week. It's too early to speculate on Freeman's status for next week, but for now Tevin Coleman's workload is expected to rise.

Addendum: On Saturday night, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Freeman is expected to pause for two to three weeks with a knee collision. Given that bruising may be associated with residual laxity in the knee after his injury last season, this is more controversial for the possibility of knee-jerking Freeman.

Darren Sproles, Philadelphia Eagles, Achilles tendon (out), 13:00

Additional injury details: none

Case Study: Limited Weds; DNP Thu-Fri

Remarks: Although coach Doug Pederson spoke of Sproles' ailment injury as a "mild hamstring problem", there seems to be enough concern that the team plans to keep him in week 2. Probably a wise decision since he returns from an ACL injury this season.

Wide receiver

Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints, Disease (Off-Pregame Injury Report), 1:00 pm

Additional injury details: none

Case Study: DNP Weds, full Thu-Fri

Remarks: Two complete exercises are enough to show that Thomas is healthy. His removal from the Pregame Injury Report confirms his status for Sunday.

DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans, Foot (Q), 1:00 pm

Additional injury details: Week 1 2018

Case Study: Limited Weds-Fri

Remarks: Sometimes a limited exercise reflects the severity of a player's injury as it is simply not released for full activity, and sometimes limited training shows that a team can exercise caution when making sure that a key player is ready to play Sunday to go. The latter seems more likely to be the case with Hopkins. Expect to play it as usual on Sunday.

Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers, Shoulder (Q), 1:00 pm

Additional injury details: injured week 1, 2018

Case Study: DNP Weds; Limited from Thu-Fri

Remarks: Adams fell heavily on the shoulder at the season opener and was eliminated from training on Wednesday. He returned Thursday for a limited session and later revealed that he felt "great". The Packers called Adams questionable, but provided that he keeps feeling good, as Sunday approaches, it seems more likely that he would. Fantasy players want to monitor the pregame inactivity to check the status of Adams.

Jarvis Landry, Cleveland Browns, Thigh (before the match report), 13:00

Additional injury details: none

Case Study: Full Wed-Fri

Remarks: The key note here is that Landry was a full participant all week and does not appear in the Foreplay Injury Report. Landry was the volume receiver in the Brown's pass group and could even see more looks, with teammate Josh Gordon excluded for this game.

Corey Davis, Tennessee Titans, Achilles tendon (before the match report), 13:00

Additional injury details: Hamstring problem in the preseason

Case Study: Limited Weds-Th; Full Fr.

Remarks: Davis suffered a thigh injury last year that cost him a long time. Therefore, it is understandable if the team wants to take precautionary caution when something is related to muscle fiber rupture. Davis, for his part, said he was fine, and a full Friday exercise seems to confirm that view. He was also removed from the team's Plegame Injury Report, suggesting that the Titans expect to have it available.

Will Fuller V, Houston Texans, Achilles tendon (Q), 1:00 pm

Additional injury details: Thigh pull load, August 2018

Case Study: Limited Weds-Fri

Remarks: Fuller was injured in the run-up to the third preparatory match of the team in training on the thigh and was called a short time later by coach Bill O & Brien as the winner of the day. Although Fuller did not come back to training until last week, he was not ready to see the action yet. He maintained a limited training load this week, but the tenor of his status was more optimistic this week. Expect to enter the field in Week 2 without risking a setback.

Quincy Enunwa, New York Jets, Thumb (from the Game Status Injury Report), 1:00 pm

Additional injury details: Injury to the right thumb, August 2018

Case Study: Full Wed-Fri

Remarks: Enunwa's injured thumb kept him out of training for almost two weeks during the preseason, but that was obviously not a problem for him in week one. He resumed full training sessions this week and with his removal from the pretrial injury report, he is expected to play against the dolphins.

Sterling Shepard, New York Giants, back (pre-match report), 20:20

Additional injury details: injured week 1 2018

Case Study: Limited Weds, Full Thu-Fri

Remarks: There are few details about the back problems that made Shepard appear in this week's Injury Report, but the good news is that he completed full training sessions at the end of the week. His removal from the Plegame Injury Report is an indication that the team expects him to play Sunday night.

DeSean Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Shoulder / Concussion (Q), 1:00 pm

Additional injury details: injured in week 1 2018

Case Study: DNP Weds, Limited Th, Full Fr

Remarks: Jackson left the game last Sunday in the fourth quarter to be evaluated for injuries and did not return. It was later reported that he suffered a concussion with a shoulder injury and was therefore expelled from training on Wednesday. As is typical after a head injury, Jackson gradually increased his workload and seems to tend to play on Sunday. Since he is listed as questionable, fantasy players will want to check his status on Sunday.

Ryan Grant, Indianapolis Colts, Breast (Off-Pregame Injury Report), 13:00

Additional injury details: injured week 1 2018

Case Study: Full Wed-Fri

Remarks: Grant had eight catches in week 1, making him an interesting collector in Indianapolis. He was admitted to the team's injury report with a chest injury, but missed no repetitions in training. His removal from the Plegame Injury Report signals that he will play.

Ted Ginn Jr., New Orleans Saints, Knee (Off-Pregame Injury Report), 13:00

Additional injury details: none

Case Study: DNP Weds, Limited Th, Full Fr

Remarks: There was no specific information regarding the knee problem that brought Ginn to his knees on Wednesday. His sequential increased activity on Thursday and Friday, in addition to his removal from the Pregame Injury Report, suggests that he is expected to play on Sunday.

DeVante Parker, Miami Dolphins, Finger (Q), 1 pm ET

Additional injury details: broken finger, August 2018

Case Study: Limited Weds; Full Thurs-Fri

Remarks: Parker suffered a broken finger on August 12th and returned to a limited exercise late last week. After completing two full training sessions at the end of the week, he seems to have a chance on Sunday. Still, after limited action (and fighting) in the preseason, it could be hard to trust him when he plays.

Travis Benjamin, Los Angeles Chargers, Foot (Q), 13:00

Additional injury details: Right foot injury, 1st week 2018

Case Study: DNP Weds-Th; Limited Fr.

Remarks: Benjamin was in a hiking boot to start the practice week, but on Friday managed to make a limited effort. Nevertheless, the questionable name Fantasy could clearly steer despite a cheap matchup in Buffalo.

Marquise Goodwin, San Francisco 49ers, Quadriceps (out), 16:05

Additional injury details: Thigh bruise, 1st week 2018

Case Study: DNP Wednesday-Fri

Remarks: Goodwin returned to the week-1 game after suffering the deep bruise on his thigh, but the injury made him largely ineffective. After not practicing all week, it's not surprising that he sits against the Lions on week two.

Alshon Jeffery, Philadelphia Eagles, Shoulder (out), 13:00

Additional injury details: Rotator cuff operation February 2018

Case Study: Limited Weds-Fri

Remarks: Jeffery is still recovering from a rotator cuff operation and staying out in week 2.

Josh Gordon, Cleveland Brown, Achilles tendon (out), 13:00

Additional injury details: Hamstring in the preseason; This week the injury report was added on Saturday

Case Study: Full exercise the whole week

Remarks: Last week, Gordon appeared in the Injury Report for knee pain shortly before his preseason preseason. There was no record of a setback after the Week 1 game, and Gordon was not in the injury report this week. On Saturday, the Browns announced that Gordon was downgraded to "out" for an Achilles tendon injury, so he should be excluded from the Fantasy lineup for the second week.

Addendum: On Saturday night, the Cleveland Browns announced plans to release Josh Gordon on Monday. ESPN's Chris Mortensen said Gordon showed up on Saturday with an Achilles tendon in the team setup after training all week. ESPN Adam Schefter cites a source of how Gordon injured his Achilles tendon during a promotional shoot, not during training. We will update Gordon's infringement status next week as the news warrants.

Doug Baldwin, Seattle Seahawks, Knee (out), Monday night

Additional injury details: MCL Sprain (R) Knee, Week 1 2018; (L) Knee pain August 2018

Case Study: DNP Thu-Sat

Remarks: Baldwin was absent for most of the preseason because of the pain in his left knee. After returning to practice in late August, Baldwin confirmed that this will indeed be something he has to deal with during the season. He then declared himself about 80-85 percent healthy. That was until he played in week 1. Baldwin suffered a MCL sprain on his opposite knee on Sunday and is expected to come out not just this week, but also next week. In fact, his status is closely monitored throughout the season, as he now has problems with both knees, which at times could be problematic.

Tight ends

Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Core Muscle (Off-Game Status Injury Report), 16:25

Additional injury details: first appeared on injury report with heart muscle injury last week

Case Study: Limited Weds-Th; Full Fr.

Remarks: Seferian-Jenkins was in injury report last week and played the bulk of the offensive snaps in week 1. After two limited sessions, he was a full participant on Friday and his removal from the Plegame Injury Report suggests that he should be ready to to go again in week 2.

Austin Hooper, Atlanta Falcons, Knee (before the match report), 13:00

Additional injury details: Week 1 2018

Case Study: Limited Weds, Full Thu-Fri

Remarks: Hooper had no apparent injury problem in Week 1, but was listed as limited on Wednesday. After the full Thursday / Friday exercises and his removal from the Plegame Injury Report, there should be no concern about his status for Sunday.

Vance McDonald, Pittsburgh Steelers, Foot (Q), 1:00 pm

Additional injury details: Violated at the end of July 2018

Case Study: Full Wed-Fri

Remarks: McDonald did not play in the first week as he recovered from his foot injury. He fully trained this week, but his questionable designation indicates that the team is not quite ready to put him in the action. Fantasy players may want to look elsewhere this week for either resting or resuming action.

Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers, Foot (off), 13:00

Additional injury details: Olsen injured his right foot on the final day. This is the same foot he hurt last year (Jones fracture). At that time, he underwent surgery to insert a screw, and after nine weeks returned to action.

Case Study: DNP Wednesday-Fri

Remarks: In the offseason, Olsen worked without incident, and it was not until a misstep in the last Sunday game when he felt the break. Having already used a screw that keeps the fracture site stable, Olsen has decided to continue the conservative treatment route (walking boot for the first two weeks, bone stimulator, vitamin D supplements, progressive rehabilitation as he can) with the hope of returning to four to six weeks. This explains the Panthers' decision not to put him in injured reserve. As a result, he will appear weekly in the Injury Report, and his status will be adjusted according to the time he returns to training and, ultimately, when all goes well to play.


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