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Kevin Byard of Titans receives a fine from the NFL celebration on Dallas Cowboys star: "It was worth it"



Titan's safety Kevin Byard was fined $ 10,026 by the NFL for his cowboy retrenchment on Monday.
Erik Bacharach, USA TODAY. NETWORK – Tennessee

It was worth it.

In fact, Titans security Kevin Byard said he expected a bigger fine than the $ 10,026 fine imposed by the NFL for his cowboy pickup on Monday. Byard said his agent had informed him of the mocking Friday morning.

"With all the crazy fines currently taking place in the league, I expected it to be more than $ 10,000," said Byard before the Titan game against the New England Patriots on Sunday (noon, CBS) at Nissan Stadium. "But hey, I mean, I feel it was worth it, it was worth it."

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After intercepting Dak Prescott in the final zone of the first quarter of Titans' # 28-14 against the Cowboys at the AT & T Stadium, Byard ran into midfield where he raised his arms with the Dallas Star logo – a hommage Terrell Owens & # 39; Touchdown celebration in 2000 – before he started dancing when teammates joined him.

"(My teammates) are not fined at all," said Byard, laughing. "But I'll fine that day, and I'll do the rest for everyone else, because at the end of the day, I was the leader.

"It was a momentum change in the game, so if I'm worth $ 10,000, I'll do it in the end, I will not stumble."

The interception was Byard's second of the season and his 10th since the start of the 2017 season, which is tied for the NFL's leadership in this span.

Everyone in the Titan's locker room loved it – err, except for the man whose opinion matters most.

"I'm not (happy) and I will not be," said Titan coach Mike Vrabel on Tuesday. "We do not want that as an organization, I do not want that as a head coach. … As soon as the whistle sounds, celebrate with a teammate. Find someone in Titan uniform, find a coach and celebrate with them. But we do not need that. We do not want to do that.

"I talked to Kevin this morning, I'll talk to the team again on Wednesday, and that goes for many, that's not what I want, if that's what they want, we'll see it in a different way."

After their talks, Byard said he was on the same side with his coach.

"We're all good," said Byard. "At the end of the day, he's just more worried that I'm celebrating with my teammates, visiting a coach, doing such things. And I understand it too. There are many people who help me play. Like (security) Kenny Vaccaro, who hugs himself at the narrow end and actually sees Dak Prescott in the face, and (cornerback) Logan (Ryan) actually helps me with the interception. Well, as I said, these guys deserve recognition too. So celebrate with these guys before I celebrate alone. "

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