On Liverpool's track is a large, large, Manchester City-looking object in first place in the Premier League. Pep Guardiola lets his team shoot at all cylinders. The city does not look like she'll give up soon. If Liverpool has no chance of passing Manchester's neighbors, there really can be no room for slips. All points all the time.

Klopp is not worried about the city. He can not do anything about what the city does. What do you do? You win and score so many goals.

The manager's philosophy and message to his team are the same as always: focus on yourself, one game at a time.

"How can you moan about it?" Klopp said of Manchester City's dominance in the league. "The only job we have to do is collect as many points as possible and then you have to see.

"We can not do more. It's absolutely no problem for us to go to the dressing room and see the results of Manchester City and they have won again.

"We expect that they will always win alongside the games against us. We just have to try to play the best season we can play. In this difficult time, you need to focus on your own performance.

"You can not compete against two teams – one on the other side of the pitch and those in your head. That will not do

"Whatever they get at the end of the season, they probably deserve. It will be the same for us. "

Liverpool can overtake City when they win in Bournemouth. Guardiola's team are waiting for their last game on Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Liverpool's time at the top could be short, but they can only continue to win.


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