Jose Mourinho declares Manchester United celebration after Romelu Lukaku goal

Jose Mourinho declares Manchester United celebration after Romelu Lukaku goal

Jose Mourinho admitted that he was particularly pleased about the opening goal of Romelu Lukaku in Watford, because Manchester United had worked on the standard situation in training.

Lukaku scored the 35th-minute goal after Ashley Young's dribbling had caused chaos for Marouane Fellaini in the Watford district. Fellaini's flank was knocked off, but Chris Smalling was able to win the ball again for Young, whose center was controlled by Lukaku.

A Young Corner was also masterfully completed by Chris Smalling and Mourinho celebrated the first goal wildly.

"Because we trained that corner during the week, the best thing that can happen to the coaches is that you train and you see it happens in the match," beamed Mourinho. "And they happen in the last couple of games, even against Tottenham, things that work, position, movement.

"But the standards are very specific things that you work, you work, you work and for weeks and weeks and weeks sometimes you do not see the results of that work, so if it happens, that was lucky for the coaching staff."

"I think we should win three or four zero points and end the game," Mourinho told the broadcasters. "The same thing happened to Burnley, but we kept a clean sheet and the result was always safe but when we concede a goal in an emotional place like Vicarage Road and against a team that is very dangerous with the way they play very directly , they are strong In solid pieces, it will always be difficult.

"The refusal against Burnley was more difficult because 24 [minutes] to play but today were only a few minutes. But in a defensive phase in a corner, Matic could be crucial if Matic had a job and he was not there.

"With that side free kick and the last corner, they all made it to the top, but I think Paul scored the goal in the last action of the first half, which would be over, we will not do that, and our ambition came in the second half bit down, we gave them the chance to be more aggressive and they met.

"I thought we could always shoot the third goal and kill it, but we had a lot of half chances to end the game, and we did not, so the game is open until the end."

"And then, when you're in trouble, you have to resist the hassle and you can only resist that if you're a team and David was almost without interventions in the game, but then his hands were there for us in the last action. "

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