Jordi Alba: "I have never had any problem with Luis Enrique or with his technical body"

Jordi Alba: "I have never had any problem with Luis Enrique or with his technical body"

Jordi Alba has returned to talk after confirming his return to the Spanish team. In a monothematic press conference – about his relationship with Luis Enrique -, the side has made it clear that he has never had any problem with the Spaniard. "The first year I did not have all the minutes I wanted but I never had a bad word for him. I have never had any problems with him or with the coaching staff. I am grateful to be able to go back to the selection," he explained.

Asked if he had an incident with Luis Enrique, Alba was pleased: "Nothing. I do not regret anything, nothing happened. At the time he decided to stop playing. He is the one who orders and who decides who has to come. It's a decision of yours to have returned. " On what the difference of the Asturian one has once again avoided any conflict: "Every person has their essence. He is a coach with character, I also have character. I can tell you the good things, there is nothing wrong" .

"I did a world with the two calls without coming, I hope to give everything", said Alba, showing his desire to remain in the selection, and pointed out that the effusive greeting he had with the " Asturian was because "I had time" I did not see it. "He is a coach who has helped Barça," he insisted on the side, which made it clear that they know each other "perfectly." On the left side they remembered the words he said, affirming that with Valverde he would be "better" than with Luis Enrique: "I said the subject of the minutes. In the end everything is removed from context, I do not regret saying that I want I play more football. If Valverde does not put me tomorrow, I'll have to endure it, but it has nothing to do with the personal relationship with the professional. "

If the coach asked who he would like to look like and responded to Alba, the player responded with irony saying "he has good taste" before praising him. "He said that because many questions were for me. He was a great coach, I do not know if I will be, but he is doing a great race with many titles." Alba also acknowledged that he hopes that "the idea of ​​football in the selection is sure to be the same as in Barça". "I have seen in two training that many similar things are done," he added.

On whether the non-announcements motivated him to do it better and to return, he pointed out that his intention "was always to do well for the club. Going to the selection is a prize they give you. I want to be always, at The announcements, but it is the coach who decides. This can change, there is a lot of competition in all positions. " Alba also referred to the support samples received in the last weeks of colleagues, who asked for his return: "Maybe that's why I've been more loved than other times. I have noticed the support of the people and I appreciate it. happy to return to the selection and with the master. There are very young people, it is an exciting stage for all. "


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