Joe Maddon and Alex Rodriguez clarify comments about Yu Darvish

Joe Maddon and Alex Rodriguez clarify comments about Yu Darvish

CHICAGO – Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon met before the game against the Washington Nationals with ESPN analyst Alex Rodriguez to clear controversial comments about right-hander Yu Darvish two years ago weeks in a broadcast. '' Alex and I had a very nice discussion, '' Maddon said. '' I felt good about it. Fortunately, he also felt the same. '' In fact, Rodriguez echoed Maddon's description of his talk. If you want to get the best information from the sports world, download the App now. »
"We had a short and very positive conversation," Rodriguez said. Rodriguez also referred to the situation during the Sunday Night Baseball broadcast saying, "We had a very positive and constructive conversation in Joe's office." Maddon was Annoyed after Rodriguez said that Darvish was on his own rehabilitation plan, while recovering from a condition in his right elbow, at the same time he indicated that it was a problem in the Cubs' clubhouse. Maddon refuted those comments when they were made, and told Rodriguez on Sunday, "When you speak ill of my group, you take the Hazelton in me," Maddon said, referring to the city of Pennsylvania where he grew up. '' I answered very open and sincere. … My job is to protect my nest. He's no different from being a father. '' Rodriguez said he would not withdraw any comments he made that night, but he feels that he and Maddon left him on good terms. '' My job is to say it fairly and objectively, and I'm 25 years old. the game, '' said Rodriguez. '' We do not always have to agree on everything, but I have a lot of respect for Joe and the Cubs organization … and that has not changed. '' Joe and I plan to have something together. That is planned. That's in the books. ''

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