Joakim Noah: "I realize how much I love basketball" - BasketSession

Joakim Noah: "I realize how much I love basketball" - BasketSession

Back on the floor after almost a year without playing, Joakim Noah is simply happy that the Memphis Grizzlies gives him a chance. Joakim Noah was looking forward to this moment. Since last January, the tricolor pivot was able to recover the grounds with the Memphis Grizzlies two days ago. He played 13 minutes in a win over the Los Angeles Clippers. A game he did not even expect to play after signing with the Tennessee franchise two days ago. "I thought the coach would wait until I knew at least the systems, I'm glad he believed in me and that he made me come in. It's a lot to me, but I do not take anything for granted – all this time without playing made me realize how much I love basketball, "said the former All- Star.The personality of Joakim Noah fits perfectly with the spirit of the Grizzlies and the culture of the franchise. He should feel good. And it's nice for him after this long descent into hell.

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