Jesse Lingard does not agree with Jose Mourinho's "miracle" claim on Man Utd's Top 4 spot - Mirror Online

Jesse Lingard does not agree with Jose Mourinho's "miracle" claim on Man Utd's Top 4 spot - Mirror Online

Jesse Lingard admits that Manchester United's players have to prove themselves.

Boss Jose Mourinho criticized her again after Arsenal drew in a draw on Wednesday.

Mourinho was dissatisfied with the two goals from Arsenal and said: "We always shoot ourselves in the foot".

After 15 games, United are in eighth place – eight points behind the top four, which was Mourinho's goal for the month – and Lingard thinks Old Trafford is always under pressure to play.

"Yes, definitely," said the English winger. "You always have pressure on people's shoulders when it comes to Man United and how to handle pressure. And as a footballer, we just enjoy our football and we want to win games. That's the main thing. "

Mourinho's men are closer to last place than the first and eight points behind the Champions League

Lingard claims players still believe they could secure a place in the Champions League – though Mourinho was quoted this week as saying it was "almost a miracle".

"Yes, I think we believe as a team," he said. "There is still a long way to go in the season. For us, it's about taking every game as it comes, and trying to reach the three points. That's the main thing. There are many games, especially this month, so we need everyone who is fully on the team. "

Lingard scored just 13 seconds on Wednesday after Arsenal took the lead, United's second equalizer, and he was pleased with the visitors, who are now undefeated 20 times in all competitions.

Handling enormous pressure occurs at United, says Lingard

He felt the team showed the character and fighting spirit they need to recover in the league.

"I think it has always been something about us that we never give up," he said. "They've seen United comebacks over the years. Therefore, it is great to keep this spirit alive and never give it up.

"I felt we deserved more. We worked hard throughout the game. Everyone who came from the bank showed their fighting spirit. We are there as a team. We had to make an appearance for the fans and show them the passion on the pitch. "

Lingard claims to be back in full swing after being plagued with groin problems since the Summer World Cup.

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He feels that his schedule for 2018 for United and England overtakes him.

"You know, when I came from the World Cup, I played a lot of games last season and that paid a toll," Lingard said. "I was not really 100 percent fit, but I rarely feel like I'm going now and I can not wait to move on.

"Obviously we did not get much rest in the summer after the World Cup. Obviously, it has come to a point where I could not go on.

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