Jerome Boateng complains in racism in Germany - criticism of dealing with Mesut Özil

Jerome Boateng complains in racism in Germany - criticism of dealing with Mesut Özil

November 9, 2018 at 16:09

"Monkey Viewer Sounds":
Boateng complains racism in Germany

Jerome Boateng.

Munich Jerome Boateng of Bayern Munich complained again about racial insult in Germany. Even as a child was faced with the subject. Critically it sees that Mesut Özil handles the national team.

"When I come up on the edge of the park, people often hear people leaving monkey sounds from the stands, although I have played so many games for Germany. Or are you like to say things like your country! "," Said the 30-year-olds in an interview with her "Boa" lifestyle magazine.

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Boateng was repeatedly addressed as a child and adolescent to the subject. In some games in Marzahn or in Leipzig, the team's parents add a spit and a team. "We had only ten years of age," said Boateng.

He remembers "a cup contest at Köpenicker SC. That's when an adversary's father came on our side, I insulted all the time and shouted at his son, Get it, the fucking nigger. At a certain point I started talking, "the dark defendant said.

Today, he does not feel more insulting when he is insulting, Boateng, "but when I was younger, it was brutal. My parents did not talk to me about my skin for a long time. She did not in a question. Then a person is suddenly called "Hey, my nigger". My parents explained to me that some people have problems with my skin. I could not believe it. It does not mean a baby. "

In Berlin and East Germany, there are "certain places that my daughters will not let under any circumstances, to Marzahn or Weissensee," said Boateng. When right-handed socks are entering the center of society, "everyone should stand up and stand. We take great attention to players. It has become more clear to me in recent years that I am also an ambassador people. "

Responded to the artist Herbert Grönemeyer Boateng in the double interview over all questions about social mood in Germany. The country is caring for himself, he said. The crisis of the refugees is widely discussed in the circle of friends and colleagues.

Our DFB team would be strong for Özil

It depends on the fact that many people put their counterparts into larger grounds: "One for the Germans, one for the immigrants. And the Germans, whose parents may have foreign roots and are not white, but feel They are completely German because they have grown up here, look more skeptically on them. "

Bayern Munich's defender also commented on how to deal with the debate on the Mesut Özil who has been retired now during the World Cup. "After the competition, I realized that we could do a lot more for your team's mesut and make us stronger in public," said Boateng.

"It's a pity that we did not do it. We've seen when this has given us," said Boateng: "Now, a player with a migration backdrop, our number 10 has been a very different image for the team, although we have been struggling for years not only for the team to play successfully, but also to broadcast a modern image of Germany. "

On a revision, he wanted to criticize the DFB after criticizing Erdogan and Özil because of racist assaulted by the Swedish by Jimmy Durmaz, said Boateng. "What the Swedes were really strong. There were goose toys. There were also many others in our team," he said.

For a similar act that was "not discussed" with the German team, he added to the age 30 years: "Unfortunately. And then we played again. The information about Progress, and because it did not work simply, it was because of how you would get the next game. "

But the national team, as well as the conflict over Özil, failed for the first time in the World Cup pre-box round.

Özil explained his withdrawal from the DFB team, inter alia, that he was for his photos with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of the DFB who is not protected from racist allegations and scapegoat for the finalists in the early summer. Russia stamped.
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