Jackie and Barby, by weight

Jackie and Barby, by weight

Mariana Juárez and Jackie Nava, as well as their respective rivals, the Japanese Terumi Nuki and the Venezuelan Alys Sanchez, completed the weigh-in prior to the matches that will be staged today at the Mexico City Arena.
The Nava-Sanchez fight was agreed on super-bantamweight, between 53,525 and 55,338 kilos (118 and 122 pounds), and the Juarez-Nuki fight will be in bantamweight between 52,163 and 53,525 kilos (115 and 118 pounds).
Nava, former world super bantamweight champion on two occasions, registered 54.703 kilos, while Sanchez stopped the scale at 54.657 kilograms.
The match will mark the return to the ring for Nava, who was out of action a year and a half after his foray into politics. These two boxers faced in May 2014 with victory for Jackie via the knockout, after seven episodes.
The Mexican boasts a record of 33 wins, 14 on the fast track, four losses and three draws; while the Venezuelan recorded 15 wins, four before the last round, four losses and one draw.
In the case of Mariana Juárez, current bantamweight champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC), she weighed 53,523 kilograms; his Japanese rival registered 52,979 kilos.
The Mexican will seek to defend for the fifth time his title against Nuki, whom he defeated by unanimous decision last July.
Juárez has 49 wins, 18 before the limit, nine losses and four draws. Nuki has 10 wins, seven on the fast track, and three trips.
To leave with the hand raised, Mariana and Jackie could face at the end of the year in this same capital scenario, in one of the most anticipated lawsuits.
In this function will also see action former world champion Hugo Cuatito Ruiz, who will clash in a bout of eight rounds in super bantamweight with Dennis Hammer Contreras, both exceeded the scale with identical 55,300 kilograms.
Other contests of this evening will be that of the undefeated American Dewayne Beamon (15-0, 11 KO's), against the capital Julio César Rey Martínez (10-1, 7 KO's), agreed to eight rounds in the fly category; and the one of Adrián Curiel in front of Alejandro Villaseñor in minimosca. Agencies

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