Posted Friday 16 November, 2018 at 16:44
| Last updated on 16/11/2018 at 16:54
During a long interview with the Gardaí, he returned to Croatia at the end of the World Cup, lost through his choice in Russia.
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Rakitic believes that Croatia was better than the Blues. (M. Richard / Reuters)

"Do not talk to me about VAR, I dreamed about a thousand nights," said Ivan Rakitic in an interview with the Guardian at the end of the last World Cup lost in Croatia this summer (4-2). The Barç epilogue center park did not sell the selection selection course to the parking lot, including arbitration of the final decision. "The first goal came from a free kick and the VAR could intervene because Pogba was nearby. Then he did not reject the penalty […]. I have to look at the images once to see if there is a penalty or not. I do not need to look at them ten times (the Croatian refers to the time the referee has taken to endorse its decision), "says Rakitic.

The center of Croatia is convinced that his team was far better than the Blues in the final game, he said in July: "Maybe the best game for us. For an hour, we were more better than them, much better. You can always see it against your opponents and we could see France did not know how to stop, control, attack. They were ashamed . […] But French was the day of football. "


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