It's time for the truth for Belgrano: he makes his debut in the Super League | MundoD, The best sports website in Córdoba

It's time for the truth for Belgrano: he makes his debut in the Super League | MundoD, The best sports website in Córdoba

At 20, in the Giant of Alberdi, the Superliga will be launched for Belgrano and his people. It will be against San Martín de San Juan and with the refereeing of Germán Delfino. Again, as happened last year when the Pirate returned to the neighborhood, the capacity will be full and the stands will be full, with 30 thousand souls doing their part to push the short to "leave life" for each ball and in pursuit of getting a path as sinuous as possible in search of permanence. What people will see on the court is a new team or at least very retouched in its conformation, because Of the five in the fund, four are new. Rigamonti, who returned from Vélez and returns to play after five years on loan in several clubs. The two centers will be Olivares, comes from Godoy Cruz, and Menosse, came from the Granada of Spain. And the left side is Alanis, returns from his loan at Arsenal. Meanwhile, on the right will be Luna for Guidara, in what is a variant that at least surprises. In the middle "Lértora" survived and in front of him the three flyers will be almost new faces: there will be Denis Rodriguez, who arrived from Newell's, Martín Rivero, comes from Patronato, and Juan Brunetta, played little in the last tournament. Finally, in the offensive two of the "old guard" will move like Sequeira and Suárez. Lucas Bernardi and his group will also have their "debut" of the championship and his idea will try to overcome the pressure of a full stadium and the general anxiety of the people. But above all, a group that is amalgamating and a team that is forming. Total backing When the time of the start of the game before the San Juan, the Giant will show his best face, will dress for the party and its frame will be full Because the partner never turns his back on Belgrano and always goes to the front, because they are the ones who will march in caravan through the streets of the neighborhood where the passion was born, to fill the stands without looking at the tables and knowing that "the team needs. "Obviously there will be nerves, because they all know that the championship is not simple and that it will be a season in which" the coins "will be counted. The average is a reality and you can not hide it by not talking about it, but rather you have to face it, take it seriously and beat it. The "B" knows that it will have 25 finals and that aiming to swell the average will make sure that a good campaign is achieved in the harvest of points and as a consequence, if it is achieved, it will begin to lookotherwise the table of the averages and the one of the championship. It is the hour of the truth, behind have been the friendlies, the triumph in the classic and the determinations of which the "3" is a steering wheel or that the "4" of the people, that of the even performance, this among the substitutes. Formations: Belgrano
César Rigamontti; Luna, Olivarez, Menosse, Alanis; Lértora; Denis Rodriguez, Martín Rivero, Juan Brunetta; Sequeira and Suarez.
DT: L. BernardiS. Martín SJ
Luis Ardente, Gonzalo Prósperi, Arián Pucheta, Juan Rodríguez, Gianni Rodríguez, Diego Cardozo, Matías Fissore, Marcos Gelabert, Claudio Mosca, Martín Bravo, Pablo Alvarenga.
DT: W. Coyette.

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