Is this the shot of the year? | AL BAT

Is this the shot of the year? | AL BAT

Ramon Laureano – Oakland Athletics center fielder Ramon Laureano makes the catch on fly ball hit by Los Angeles Angels

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Is this the shot of the year?

The Oakland Athletics outfielder, Ramón Laureano, showed both locals and strangers that he truly has one cannon per arm and one sniper aim after probably making the best double play of the entire season.


In the game that the Athletics played against the Angelnos, Laureano made a difficult catch in center field reaching the warning strip before a deep hit by Justin Upton, to which the runner on base Eric Young had gone ahead on the path.

Following act, Laureano sent a authentic and precise cannon shot to the first base to force the out and to complete the double slaughter. According to Statcast, the ball traveled 97 meters from the gardener's arm to the initialist's glove; the ball went off 91 miles per hour.

Simply stunning of the young gardener


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