Is there a problem with the Yankees' doctors? | AL BAT

Is there a problem with the Yankees' doctors? | AL BAT


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The news that Jacoby Ellsbury will miss the entire season because of the injury that has plagued him since joining the Yankees did not surprise many, as there is a history of injury to him; however there are several players in the infirmary who could make a difference in the team like Greg Bird, Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge.


However with these three players, the diagnoses with their injuries have been changing as the situation evolves; for example with Greg Bird it took 3 months to realize that he had a broken foot last year, or with Judge, with whom his rehabilitation process is taking longer than expected.

One could suppose that they are diagnostic errors that sometimes happen, due to the pressure that the medical bodies have to get their players back in shape as quickly as possible, but the sample button that could indicate that in fact, there is a problem with the doctors of the Yankees is with Brandon Drury.

   "Brandon Drury said that 2 days before the change, he felt discomfort in his left hand. He was diagnosed in New York as a bone bruise. He said that Blue Jays knew it. He continued, Drury underwent a CT scan on Sunday and discovered that the hand was broken. " Enrique Rojas / ESPN (@ Enrique_Rojas1)
August 8, 2018

When the New Yorkers sent Drury to the Toronto Blue Jays through a trade, the player was diagnosed with a bone bruise on his left hand by the Yankees' doctors; but when he went through a medical examination with the Blue Jays, it turned out that indeed, Drury had his hand fractured.

   Basically, Brandon Drury was changed from #Yankees to #BlueJays with a broken hand and Toronto was warned that there was a problem, although perhaps not of such size .- Enrique Rojas / ESPN (@ Enrique_Rojas1)
August 8, 2018

Will the Yankees doctors be the cause of problems in the rehabilitation of their players? What is certain is that there have been many setbacks and that the Yankees need their players at this time more than ever.


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