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Katie Kühne is the marcelist Marcel Sabitzer since 2017

Photo: Imago / Future Image

Former candidate "Bachelor" Katja Kühne has shown a news of Instagram's photo joy.

With a clear picture of Instagram, the old "Bachelor" and player today Katja Kühne (33) promised to come. The best half-star of a star RB-Leipzig, Marcel Sabitzer (24) has a picture of herself in a bathing bar, putting her hands with a heart rather than just one thing.

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This received numerous fans and wrote enthusiastic congratulations on the picture. And since Kühne knew about it, instead of the misunderstanding that could be clarified, the customer seems to be happy even without an official declaration. Especially, among the best people, the old Bachelorette and Jessica Paszka (28), the busty friend.

Incidentally, the first descent for Kühne would not be. The 33-year-old, who has been a Bundesliga professional from RB Leipzig since 2017, is Lucas's 13-year-old mother. In 2014, she participated in the "The Bachelor" dome show and won the heart of Christian Tews (38) Rosenkavalier. The relationship broke up after five months.

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