In Paris Aquatique, we surf on the wave of "Grand Bain"

In Paris Aquatique, we surf on the wave of "Grand Bain"

"After seeing the film in preview at the end of August, I went to register right away! Boris' love at first sight for "the Big Bath" could have remained without result. But at 33, this employee of charity association, did not hesitate to push the doors of Paris Aquatique, a sports club engaged in the fight against discrimination (*). Chance or influence of the film, this year they are a dozen new, like him, to have come to double the male number of the only Parisian club to welcome great beginners. "But here, the stories of depressing lives in the locker room, we do not know," launches the Yvelinois sweeping his colleagues.

Oriol the actor (33 years old), Noé the engineer (29 years old), Thomas the student (23 years old), Valentin the jeweler (22 years old) or Daniel the physiotherapist (26 years old) all show the same smile before throwing themselves at the water. "It may be very sporty, in reality we do not get martyred as in the film, swear Boris. It's a lot cooler. "

Swimming pool Georges-Vallerey, Paris (20th), November 7th. The men of the beginners group / LP / Guillaume Georges

A demanding discipline

If Inès has some false airs of Leïla Bekhti when she beats the measure, without a smile, with a belt buckle on her pole against the group of confirmed, Christian, Canadian 64 years, seems more flexible with beginners: "The wall can hold all alone, let go, "he laughs at those who try to catch their breath. "Our beginners are a bit like those of the film, they start from scratch," says the one who created the first Paris section twenty years ago. A big difference. On screen, they have three months to prepare their choreography. In real life, it takes years to master a ballet like this one. "

VIDEO. "When I saw Le Grand Bain at the movies, I thought, why not?"

The bodies, sharpened for the most part, leave no doubt about the requirement of discipline. So if it happens, says Christian, that "some colleagues in the office frown when we talk to them about our sport, once they saw us swim, they usually do not make any comment. "

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(*) Affiliated with the LGBT movement (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans)

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