In Barcelona, ​​patience ends with Dembélé

In Barcelona, ​​patience ends with Dembélé

MADRID – In the absence of a warning in a Thursday training session, Ousmane Dembélé sent him to the gym Ernesto Valverde and Saturday stand, taking him out of the game against Betis, trying to deny that his determination was a penalty but hidden in "internal affairs" what happened inside the surface room. And the room is typed, starting with its staff and finishing with the training team, already tired of the French player, to the point that the coach was happy with Opportunity, lost his patience and sent a poisoning message. Ousmane Dembélé Getty Images Sometimes the animal that is playing in the field, what is separate from his way is to deny the lawn and even to remember your heart, his personal life, what he insists He's in the club at all levels. Two weeks ago, he traveled, unfamiliarly, went to Paris to visit the dentist and does not know his travel to Marrakech. Recognized Barça that Dembélé would have a change in Abidal's signature, but the technical secretary could not turn his personality and his compatriots Umtiti and Lenglet support him among the teams. If you want to get European Football warnings, download the App now. »
Therefore, disappointed with their attitude, Valverde, a character that deals with his left hand with his relationship with football, solve and cut the chase. He rescued him when he arrived at Camp Nou at the Barça-Inter event, as he slowly interrupted as he was preparing to replace Messi's center of Sevilla night; He apologized for his delays attending training and looked away when he soon asked for a technical message … But this time he said a lot. The "internal order" is the way the technician wanted the airplane of the crisis that is living around a player who has started the favor of losing his companions, who have gone from stories to salty and passion. If it is considered a special footballer, with extraordinary talent, it is insecure, and without incapacitating, the absent commitment that it shows to the team. Dembélé's behavior goes out of the worst worries in the upper affairs of Barcelona as anger between the professionals. He liked the last good in the Classic but his attitude did not change, despite constant warnings from his colleagues. And this is the coins that Valverde was tired of betting. In August, before starting the official season, the coach did not accept his continuity in the club when he was speculating with a possible march. And on Saturday, saying that the player has "incredible talent", he also found that his continuity is undoubtedly. It is known, in August, that Barca did not negotiate with Arsenal, which expressed an interest in signing and was willing to reach the 120 million dollars paid in his day to Borussia Dortmund, and is expected to lose A golden opportunity to recover much of the investment is considered to be at greatest risk at this point.

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